Saturday, 24 February 2018

Mermaid Scales Pattern - Pearlescent Aqua & Ultraviolet!

I've been on a design spree lately with my 100 days of pattern challenge! So far I am on day 37/100 and I'm finding it amazing how great its been for me. Now, I've definitely had days where I don't really have any ideas and am not motivated to do anything, but sticking with the challenge and designing something anyways or trying a new technique out on an old vector drawing has really helped me overall.

Now, since I'm designing on all days instead of just select days when I feel motivated to do so, I have a HUGE backlog of new patterns and designs! I've been trying to add them to my shops and aim for about 2 a week. One of my earlier patterns in this challenge was my Mermaid Scales pattern. My Aqua Pearlescent Mermaid scales pattern in particular has become so popular ever since I added it to my Society6 shop. I even purchased it for myself, because I love it too! :)

Aqua Pearlescent Mermaid Scale 15 oz. Coffee Mug from Society6
My beautiful 15 oz. mermaid scale mug! Its my new favourite. I'm drinking a
delicious cup of coffee from it as I type this post! ;) I'll post a review about this another
time, but I purchased it from Society6 and was impressed by the print and the
quality of the mug. I bought a few more for my mom, too!
Whats cool about this mermaid scale pattern and what gives it the multi shade scale effect is that I actually coloured each scale in a different shade of purple originally in illustrator. Each shade was individually selected and placed to give the look of shiny light & dark, and a bit of variation like I'd expect to see on fish scales. I then used a watercolour texture and a few layer effects in photoshop to achieve the textured scale look you see in the pattern. Then I added a bit of a gold yellow outline to the scales to tie it all together.

Here are some of my favourite creations with this Mermaid pattern from my Society6 and Zazzle shop!

Aqua Pearlescent Laptop Sleeve from Society6

Ultra Violet Mermaid Scale Pattern iPhone Case from Society6

Aqua Pearlescent Mermaid Scale Leggings ArtOfWhere

Ultra Violet Mermaid Scales Shower Curtain

What do you think of this new pattern? And what other colours would you like to see it in? 

To see more products with these new patterns in my Zazzle shop, click the collections below!

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