Friday, 15 September 2017

New ArtOfWhere Winter Leggings at my Shop!

Winter Sweater Fair Isle Pattern Leggings

Although I have so many other patterns and artwork to add to my shop, I jumped ahead of myself the other night and was inspired to created ANOTHER pattern... and loved it so much that I had to add it to my shop right away! I got into the winter spirit and decided to make a Fair Isle Winter Theme Sweater Pattern.

Winter Sweater Fair Isle Pattern

Here is a close up shot of the tile pattern in all of its wintery goodness!
I added flowers, snowflakes, hearts and a tribal look pattern to this one.  

I used a square by square design on a grid to achieve a fair isle knit look. This effect is usually found on knit sweaters, but looks amazing on the leggings!
I've already discussed my love of ArtOfWhere leggings in this blog previously and how happy I am that they are available at Zazzle. They are made in Montreal Canada and are great quality. There are over 100 great customer reviews on Zazzle about them already!

I created these leggings in three colours. The first is a red and black pattern, the second is a deep red, and the third is white. The white one is actually really cool, because you can choose any colour as the alternating colour!

Choose Any Colour Winter Sweater Leggings
Choose any colour you like for these leggings by clicking "customize"! Click here to see
 and give it a try. I really love these in a light grey and shades of pink. :)

This was a really fun pattern to make. I've already decided I'm going to make another one, and even have a subject matter in mind! ;)

I've taken the red and black fair isle winter pattern and added it to other products, too. It is now part of my Cozy Winter Theme Collection, that I will be entering into the Zazzle Holiday contest. :) Find this pattern on stationery, mugs, decor and more in the collection below!

What do you think of these patterned leggings - yay or nay?! Or would you like to see them in a different colour way? (ha - unintentional rhyme!!) Let me know in the comments.

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