Sunday, 13 August 2017

New Gold Foil Greeting Cards at my Zazzle Shop!

Recently Zazzle added a highly anticipated option to their already wide lineup of cards - the option to design in gold or silver foil! This gives any design, text or photo that is added to the front or back of the card a shiny look and texture. Its really great fun to work with and I'm really enjoying the results so far! Plus as someone who does add faux glitter / confetti / gold foil elements to her designs... I really appreciate the fact that I can now offer customers my customizable designs in a real, shiny texture!

I added a bit of a preview of what I've been working on in an earlier post, but I'll share more of my designs here! So far I've been working on mainly typography centred cards, with a custom photo element where you can add your own family or pet photo.

Here are my favourites so far ! :)

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