Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Rose Gold Floral Pattern

Rose Gold Floral Pillow from Redbubble

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have added a new design to my Zazzle & Redbubble shops, my Rose Gold floral pattern! I made this pattern a long time ago, it was originally blue, yellow and grey.. but I ended up playing around with the colours and liking it better in shades of pink, with a touch of rose gold glitter. I really like how this one looks on home decor. I've also added a customized monogram to certain Zazzle products as well, to make cute gifts. 

Here are some of my favourite products from the collection...

Friday, 25 August 2017

A Little Magic & A Lot of Caffeine Design

A little Magic and A lot of Caffeine Mug

I've come up with a cute little design for those caffeine addicts out there. You know, the ones that have to have a substantial amount of coffee each day to function. I am quickly becoming one of those people, as I am not a morning person, but coffee is so so good! :)

This design says "I get through each day with a little of magic & a lot of caffeine"! The magic = the miracle that you actually got out of bed and made yourself coffee. The caffeine is why you were able to make human sounds at work all morning.

This design makes a great & fun gift for coffee lovers! Written in a hand drawn font, it is funny and pretty too. Take a look at some of my favourite products from this collection, on mugs, tumblers, pins & more...

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

New Red Panda Design with Monogram on Zazzle!

I've been wanting to draw animals lately... and not all animals, just a specifically odd collection that contains ferrets, parrots, racoons, lemurs and other random creatures. :P I've now crossed Red Panda off my list with this design!

I really enjoyed creating this pattern :) Sometimes its just great to go back to the sketchbook and draw something completely random. Something that you don't see every day, can look up pictures & read about. This was red pandas for me. I had always seen them in the Zoo and thought they were the cutest animals there. I was more than happy to dive into the world of the red panda once again and look at cute pictures of red pandas lazing around in their natural habitats for hours. I drew my red pandas in different poses (even included a cute sleeping one with z symbols in there!) and gave them a simplistic look that is almost cartoonish. To complete my pattern, I added in drawings of bamboo leaves, because those are a red panda dietary staple! The green leaves really went well with the reddish brown shades of the pandas fur.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

New Gold Foil Greeting Cards at my Zazzle Shop!

Recently Zazzle added a highly anticipated option to their already wide lineup of cards - the option to design in gold or silver foil! This gives any design, text or photo that is added to the front or back of the card a shiny look and texture. Its really great fun to work with and I'm really enjoying the results so far! Plus as someone who does add faux glitter / confetti / gold foil elements to her designs... I really appreciate the fact that I can now offer customers my customizable designs in a real, shiny texture!

I added a bit of a preview of what I've been working on in an earlier post, but I'll share more of my designs here! So far I've been working on mainly typography centred cards, with a custom photo element where you can add your own family or pet photo.

Here are my favourites so far ! :)

Hot Chocolate & Snow Rhyme Typography Design Foil Card

Friday, 11 August 2017

New strawberry Pattern Craft & Gift Supplies at Zazzle

Hey guys! I've been busy creating new designs and one of my favourites is a bright and cute strawberry fruit pattern!! I've added this pattern to a wide variety of products on Zazzle... including craft supplies! wrapping paper and fabrics are my favourite things to design at my shop, so of course this repeating pattern was a must to put on those. This pattern is very versatile. It features a turquoise blue background colour, that can of course be customized by you! Change the colour to whatever you would like, change the size of the strawberries to get a different effect out of the design, even add a name!

Cute Strawberry Fruit Pattern Small Gift Bag

Cute Strawberry Fruit Pattern Small Gift Bag

by TanyaDraws

The gift tag and gift bag were just meant to be! Customize the text on the thank you tag to match whatever holiday or event you need it for. Even add someones name for a unique, personalized gift wrapping idea that they will want to keep.