Friday, 1 July 2016

Redbubble A-Line Dresses Feature

FINALLY! After waiting for what seems like forever, RedBubble has released All-Over-Print Dresses! RedBubble has been expanding their product line lately with new products, so I am extremely happy to see that they have finally added A-Line Dresses with all over print!  This is definitely my favourite new arrival in a long time.

These A-Line dresses look so cute and comfy. They are made from 100% Woven Polyester with a silky feel, have a high neckline, no sleeves, and are the perfect length - the dress goes to just a few inches above the knee. The thing I love about this type of dress is that you can easily dress it up or down, (tights & cardigan in the winter, jean jacket in the summer)  and it suits a wide range of body types. This is a very loose and flowy shaped dress. For girls who like a little more form, you can easily add a belt or rope around the waist to accentuate your figure. The sizing for these is also a very versatile range - from XS to 2XL. Here is the sizing chart:
Redbubble A-Line Dress Size Chart

As for the printing, the design is repeated on both the front and back of the dress and covers all areas. They get the bold and crisp colours of the artwork through a Sublimation Printing technique. I was surprised to learn that these are fully constructed and printed in the USA! You can purchase one for the regular price of $80.

Since these are a new arrival, there are no reviews yet, but I expect this to be one of RedBubbles most popular clothing items! I have already started designing on them, and even added my pineapple print in different colours just for this dress. Ever since I saw my pineapple print fabric transformed into a beautiful dress, I have always wanted a pineapple dress for myself! Here are some of my favourite patterns on the A-Line All over print dress.

Pineapple Pattern Dress
The pineapple pattern dress on a gorgeous light turquoise hue. This pattern is fun
with a little bit of a tropical feel - definitely a summer staple. If I order one, it will definitely
be this one!
Sunset Geometric Pattern Dress
This is my newest pattern, a lovely geometric ombre with bright hues. I created
this one with sunsets in mind, and I think it would make a great dress for the beach!
Sloth Pattern Dress
I couldn't let the opportunity to make a sloth patterned dress pass me by! Now
you can be a sloth lover and be stylish too. This is one of my best selling patterns!
What do you think of these new A-Line Dresses? Let me know in the comments! Click the image below to see my whole collection of A-Line Dresses at RedBubble.

A-Line Dresses from Redbubble

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