Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Cat Lady Gifts on DesignByHumans

As you may know I am in a cat phase that is ending never, seeing as I am an official cat lady, so obviously every now and again I am going to bombard the internet world with cat designs. Some of these designs you may have seen before from my other online shops, but my DesignByHumans shop is still relatively new and since it is one of the art websites I enjoy the most, I would like to share some stuff from it. :)

DesignByHumans has this cool thing where people can upload a photo of themselves wearing their new DBH apparel for a chance to win free tees! You can even upload your photo to instagram & tag @designbyhumans. Here is one of my favourites so far from the DBH webpage, it is jillemader modelling her new Cat to be kitten me right meow tank top, while her cat is striking a pose too! ;) Thanks for sharing, I love to see my designs in action!