Saturday, 14 May 2016

New Look at Zazzle & Blogger!

Hello everyone! After a while of inactivity, I have decided to start fresh with a new blog design that matches my new Zazzle Storefront! I opted for two of my favourite colours for this fresh, summer / spring look. See my Zazzle Storefront Here!

While I have been inactive on the blog front, I have been busy with working full time along with adding new products to my Zazzle, DesignByHumans and RedBubble shops! I have been focusing a lot of my efforts to my DesignByHumans shop lately because I do really well there, however I would like to start dividing my time between Zazzle again because I have TONS of patterns that would be suited for the wide variety of products there.

On My Zazzle shop I have decided to start updating my fabric line with new patterns. I have a beautiful pastel line coming up, and have recently added a purple ornate pattern collection and updated my summer time fabrics collection with some new patterns as well!

I have also been updating my DesignByHumans store with some exclusive, text based designs! Since DBH is mainly for wearables, typography and simple graphics work really well there, whereas my patterns do better on RedBubble and Zazzle. Some of my designs were even added to the DBH summer collection! :) 

I've got a lot of catching up to do, but my goal is to have my Zazzle shop fully caught up with my new designs by November, giving me lots of time! Not counting the new designs I plan on making, of course. Next week I am taking a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum, which will mean lots of sketchbook drawing for me and hopefully the start of a brand new pattern... :)