Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Some thoughts of the day & Creativity Poll

Whew, my life has been a crazy mess for the past 6 months. Juggling two jobs while still trying to maintain a social life, updating an online shop, keep up with design requests from my boyfriends business plus still trying to have a teensy bit of time for myself was not the best idea in the world, lol.  I didn't realize how drained I was from it until I started one of my two jobs full time, and quit the other. While I am still working the same amount of hours, I feel significantly less tired, and I have so much more time on my hands now. The problem with my other part time job is that they would only let you work 4 hour shifts, and you had to work 4 of them a week. So even though the amount of hours between the two jobs was normal for a full time position, I hardly ever got 2 days off in a row for recovery time. In fact, March will mark the first month in nearly 3 years that I will get all 4 weekends off! Having an actual schedule where I can work a set time every day and then having weekends off is going to be a hugely positive lifestyle change. I feel like I have super amounts of time on my hands already - even though its only been 3 days with 1 job!

So far, what have I done with my spare time these past couple of days? I've started doing some of the things I told myself I would do - I have started a workout schedule & am going to eat proper meals, now that I have time to prepare them. I've also binge watched a fair amount of Murdoch Mysteries, while shamelessly playing Pokemon Y.  I want to take lots of time for myself this week, something I haven't had in 6 months, but I also want to get a good schedule going for after work, or else I will never do the things I am meaning to do.

An important thing I will be bringing back to my schedule is regular updates to my Zazzle shop, as well as daily drawings once again. I am excited to be more creative again with paintings and patterns.