Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My Hiatus is over!

Hello everyone! A while ago my life got way busier and I had to drop the blog for a while and stick to very minimal shop updates. Since then, I have had to get used to a very different sort of schedule, but I finally think I have found a balance and am finding that I do actually have spare time at the end of the week, so I am going to use this time to continue updating my shops & this blog :) I plan on starting my monthly stats again for the new year.

Here is what has changed since my last monthly sales update:

Nuvango shops are gone. I liked having Nuvango as my third shop, my first and second shops being Zazzle & Redbubble. In the past few months I have been looking in to different print on demand services.

I tried out CafePress briefly, because upon signup it said you could set your commissions. I uploaded a design and let it sit. When I got bored one day and remembered my CafePress shop, I logged in to see I actually made three sales! But to my dismay, I made equal royalties on the cups and t-shirt that I sold that I do selling stickers on redbubble! It turns out you can't actually set commissions yourself, you have to fill a certain amount of requirements on CafePress before they will consider that... and one of these requirements might be a paid shop, I didn't look too much into it, and also the marketplace and you directing people to your shop give you different royalties.. and there is a hidden royalty ranking system.... Needless to say, I promptly closed my shop there! I didn't appreciate the ultra confusing hidden royalty rate, especially when it says you can set your own prices, and I certainly don't appreciate CafePress getting 95% of the cut for my artwork. So that POD was a no.

I signed up for Zippi a while ago and it seems nice, redbubble style & 20% commissions just like Nuvango, but I haven't seen much activity from Zippi & their marketplace is hard to search, so I think I will be setting that one aside too.

I thought about ArtOfWhere, but they don't have the most active print on demand marketplace... although their beautiful product lines & vast selection make them amazing for drop shipping. That is something I might consider in the future, but for now print on demand suits my needs and I want to focus on that.

Which brought me to DesignByHumans. I looked into DesignByHumans months ago, and submitted my work to be accepted into their marketplace. They accepted me, and let me create an account. And then I didn't have much time, so I let it sit. I checked it out earlier in November again, and after testing the waters with a few new designs, I have decided this is a nice place to set up shop! Royalties are pre set, you don't get to set your own, but the royalty rate is fair. I have already made royalties in my first month of being there, and their product line of wearable items and phone cases is nice. I also like the fact that you can choose colours that work well with your design for the customer to choose from, allowing for some customization. I hope to do a full review of DesignByHumans once I am 100% familiar with it, but I think it is a good one for my 3rd shop!! Find me here: TANYADRAWS ON DESIGNBYHUMANS

Last but not least, I'd like to thank the customers who have purchased things from my shop at RedBubble & Zazzle in these past months, and also the affiliates who have been promoting my shop! I haven't been around much to update, but I appreciate the support and I look forward to being able to add new product lines in the new year for you!! I hope your December is off to a fantastic start !! :)

Here is a collection of funny and punny gift ideas from my Zazzle shop! Enjoy!

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