Thursday, 17 September 2015

Halloween, hearts & Sloths Fabrics!

Hello everyone, it is week two of my fabulous new computer and I am still getting used to having a computer that isn't 7 years old - gotta say, things are going pretty smoothly! I've been catching up on so much of my freelance work, I edited all of my holiday photographs that I had been putting off for ages, and I made some new patterns quite effortlessly! The only hiccup I have encountered so far is a random crash with Adobe CS5 programs, which is sad because I randomly lose my work. There is a compatibility issue currently with Adobe CS5 & the Yosemite 10.10.5 update, and it is one of those things that an average computer user such as I cannot fix, so until apple comes out with the next OS update I am using adobe CC the trial version.

Other than new computer and new software, there is the new changes on Zazzle - Zrank for designers. Zrank on top of the 6 month marketplace visibility rule has made me rethink how I upload my designs. I used to do it all in one big batch of one design, and then when I made a new design I would upload that one after. The problem with this is that I am releasing all products with a certain design at one point in time, and it might not be easily visible in the marketplace a week later. Since I have so many designs building up, I figured I would try a sort of rotation to upload products.
For example, on Day 1 I upload pattern A, B, and C to 5 products each, and each day after I upload those three products until I have them uploaded on all the products. That way all three patterns have a chance at being seen as a new product in Zazzle's marketplace for as many days as I am uploading them, rather than the binge upload of one design I used to do. Not only that, but after I am uploading the products each day it gives me a chance to view them all (for Zazzle's 6 month view rule) and share things of different patterns and designs to social media each day. Can this be a solution for designs falling through the cracks? Only time will tell! ;)

And in practicing my new way of uploading designs, I have created fabrics in four different patterns recently! The halloween / fall pumpkin pattern is just on time for any halloween creations. The rose gold metallic hearts pattern was an experiment on my new computer to find out how fast I can make a pattern - I was so impressed with how it turned out that I had to add it right away! It is available with stripes in the background or plain background. Lastly, the watercolour sloths pattern fabric, with adorable sloths hanging out on a tree branch - which would be the perfect fabric for a crafty sloth lovers homemade bag, dress, or pillow! Seriously, can't anyone else see Kristen Bell rocking a sloth pattern dress? XD

Rose Gold Champagne Metallic Hearts Pattern Fabric
Rose Gold Champagne Metallic Hearts Pattern Fabric by TanyaDraws
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