Friday, 28 August 2015

Purple Home Decor Collection

Hello everyone~! It is nearly the end of August, this summer really flew by so fast! Part of it for me was a lot of fun, and part of it was work. A bit of the fun part is the new cat we are fostering a pregnant cat we found in our backyard. She is super sweet and she is so close to having kittens, which will be an extra bundle of fun. :) The other good part about having the cat here is that I have been spending a lot of time in my room with her, working on my Zazzle, Redbubble & Zippi shops and making new designs. I am already planning out halloween and christmas designs, because I missed those seasons last year! I am excited to add them. I have also been working on the new Zazzle shopfront, and catching up on some stuff I missed during my hiatus.

One of the things I have updated is the addition of collections in my Zazzle shop. Today I am going to share one of my favourite collections, my Purple Home Decor collection! I have created a collection of all the items in my shop that match with a purple home colour theme. These items are things that are for kitchens, living room, bedrooms & family rooms. I have also made themes for blue & green, pink & red, yellows,  brown & orange, rainbow & multi coloured and white & black.
The purple collection features items from my newest Zazzle design - the star maze pattern!
Here is the new collection, as well as some of the new home decor items from my lavender star maze pattern.

Lavender Geometric Star Maze Pattern Nite Light
Lavender Geometric Star Maze Pattern Nite Light by TanyaDraws
Check out Optical illusion Night Light online at zazzle

Lavender Geometric Star Maze Pattern Stone Beverage Coaster
Lavender Geometric Star Maze Pattern Stone Beverage Coaster by TanyaDraws
Shop for another Zazzle Stone Coaster

Perhaps these purple items will help provide inspiration for your next purple themed home decor project! :) Hope you have a great weekend. 

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