Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Redbubble Studio Pouches Feature

So lately I have been adding TONS of designs to my redbubble shop - I mean TONS! In the past week I doubled what my gallery initially was. Redbubble has started to expand what they allow you to design on, adding scarves, notebooks, leggings & pencil skirts to the mix - but my absolute favourite addition is the studio pouch.

The studio pouches are extremely cute and durable. They are made from 100% polyester and feature a gold coloured YKK zip with metal teeth. These pouches feature the design printed on the front and back, and they are an all over print. If your studio pouch gets a little dirty, you don't have to put it in the washer or dryer - simply clean it off with a damp cloth. They also come in two different sizes! The smaller size is 23 cm x 15 cm for $24, and the large size is 30.5 cm x 20.5 cm for $26. 
They have been on redbubble for well over a month now and the reviews so far are great. Sitting at a 4/5 star average review, people love that the bag is durable, high quality print on both sides & the perfect sizes of the bag. One reviewer said the bag is big enough to use as a handbag and attached a chain belt to the zipper - what a fantastic idea! This would also make a great pencil case, make up bag, travel bag or game pouch for your spare 3DS or PS Vita games. Okay, that last one is probably something only I was thinking of. :P Tons of uses nonetheless! I do really love that handbag idea, too. It would be so neat if the pouches featured a little loop on either side so you could actually attach a shoulder belt & make an adorable little purse. Future redbubble product, perhaps? ;)

I have made all of my designs available in pouch. So far one pouch has sold for me... my "cat to be kitten me" design on a lime green background pouch! Here is that pouch, as well as some of the ones that I think people will really like from my shop. 

To view all of my studio pouches, click here!

Cat Faces Redbubble Pouch
In the spirit of cats, because everyone is always in the mood for cats, here is
another cat pouch featuring my kitten faces design. These yellow and grey
tabby cats look really kawaii with their big glossy eyes! 

Cute Snail Illustration Pouch
This snails pouch is one of my absolute favourites! The mustard yellow colour
goes so well with the gold in the zipper. It just makes it look like this design was
absolutely made for this pouch! The snails make this more than just a
mustard yellow bag. The charming novelty pattern is extremely unique and
the snails are just cute enough that even people who hate bugs will like it. 

Green Flowers Pouch
Here is a new design that I have not featured here yet, my kiwi green flowers pattern!
This pattern is literally all the colours of a kiwi. The green in the flowers is dark kiwi green, and the
background is a lighter kiwi green. The shapes are even outlined in a gorgeous shade of brown!
This pattern is girly but subtle, and would make a great accessory bag or handbag for the summer
and the spring.

Pastel Polkadot Sheep Illustration Redbubble Pouch
Another one of my favourites! My polkadot sheep with hearts design on a grey
background. The tiny black hearts really pull together the look of this pouch, making
a traditionally childish design & colours look adorable and trendy! The grey
background really pulls out the colours of the sheep.

Red Watercolour Canadian Maple Leaf Pattern
Since I am Canadian and all and Canada Day just happened, it was only a matter
of time before I broke out with a patriotic design. I added a deep red watercolour
to give these otherwise traditional Canadian Maple Leafs an artistic twist. The result
is a pretty cute Canadian pouch that can be used to show your support of Canada
during Canada day, the olympics, PAN AM games & our Team Canada
sports teams in a really trendy way! For Team Canada specifically, send me an
email and I can provide this design with a black background! It looks fantastic
in both black and white. 

I just realized that redbubble has added hardcover journals so I am going to go explore those! Have a great week everyone. :)