Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New Designs on Nuvango: Marker Kaleidoscope Patterns!

Happy nearly mid week everyone!~ ;) 

Lately with the discovery of RepperPro I have been going on a decorative abstract pattern creation faze. As in, I literally spend all my time uploading my old artwork and patterns to repper to see what other patterns and designs I can make. I have literally been creating patterns all day, for like a week straight. Its getting bad. But anyways, there are a select few patterns that I loved enough to add to my Nuvango shop! I did have to take down a couple of older pictures to add these ones, but I think they work much better with Nuvango's target audience than my older designs did. 

These two patterns were created from artwork I made a while back from a series of bookmarks I was drawing for fun. They were nature based bookmarks drawn with a simple black pen & marker. I wanted to keep them simple so I added 1 splash of colour to each! The end result is two decorative patterns that are simple in colour but intricate in design. It doesn't look like much in the small previews, but if you look up close you can see the line work and details from the pen! 
These designs are available on all products on Nuvango with the exception of leggings. 

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