Wednesday, 29 July 2015

"Cat to be Kitten me Right Meow" design now in Pink!

It is halfway through the week, which means it is almost the long weekend for those of us living in Canada!! I am lucky enough to have Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday off - which will be a nice, much needed vacation from work. :) And of course, a vacation from work means I have a little time to upload my new designs.

I actually have so many new designs right now on my redbubble shop and I want to showcase those before I move on to my next massive upload spree! You might have seen my "cat to be kitten me right meow" design on pillows, mugs and t-shirts here in white and green. With Zazzle, I can let my customers choose whatever background colour they want. Zazzle is a great option for my customers based in the United States because shipping within the states is low, but I have an increasing amount of international customers - and as someone who also lives outside the states, I know how high Zazzle's shipping costs can be. So I also have most of my designs available on my Redbubble shop. Although customers can't choose their own colours on RedBubble, I am quite open to uploading designs in alternate colours for them! Shipping on Redbubble actually costs a lot less than Zazzle, even though they are shipping from Australia in most cases! It doesn't take too long for the products to ship, either. Having seen the quality of RedBubble pillows myself, I can definitely recommend RedBubble as a great option for people around the world who want a personalized product for less shipping.

The most recent design that I have added an alternate colour for on RB is my ever popular cat to be kitten me right meow design! Check it out, in bubblegum pink!
The black and pink look really fun together. :) This would make a great
gift for a teenage girls room, or girls dorm or student house! People love puns,
cats, and pillows, so this is pretty much the best thing ever. 
Do you fancy carrying cat puns around with you? This is a great studio pouch
to keep in your backpack or purse. Use it to hold your makeup, wallet contents,
pencils & art supplies or catnip - whatever you can think of! 
Of course, this cat pun gift collection wouldn't be complete without skins and cases for your
favourite laptop or phone! This laptop skin is the right amount of girly and the right amount of
fun to bring to class or use in public. Cats and cat puns are always great conversation starters!
Redbubble tote bags are a great way to share your love of cats and puns in
a casual way, but a way that says, hey, I'm a fun cat lady! Bonus points if
you have a cat that likes going in bags. Ive seen people with cats in bags in the
mall, and it is the cutest thing ever. I wish my cat loved me enough to
let me carry it around everywhere!

As you can probably tell, I love cats and if you can rock your love of cats with a cat pun - go for it!! As usual, if you are looking for a redbubble product in a different colour, you can always email me at and I will upload it for you. :) 

Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday! 

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