Thursday, 25 June 2015

6 Months of Zazzle: Key Stats & Sales Infographic

As I mentioned earlier this month, June marks 6 months since I first started my Zazzle shop! Despite this month being pretty down due to my confusion over the W-8 BEN form and actually getting paid eventually, I still have hopes for my shop & wish to continue on my Zazzle journey. I wanted to review my progress so far, so that is what I did this month. I looked at some of the major stats from my shop over the 6 month period of December 2014- May 2015, and found some of the stats really motivating, while others pretty de-motivating. But mostly it was really cool to see my progress so far.

On my infographic I included stats about my total sales including a month to month breakdown, number of products sold and where my products are sold to. What I did not include on my infographic was the amount of money I have made so far, total views, or the amount of things I have shared across social media platforms. While they are all important pieces of information, finding out exactly how much promotional effort I have put is hard for me to measure, & I like to keep actual money things private. I didn't include my views because tracking views on shop front in Zazzle doesn't really give accurate stats, & finding the total number of views is tedious as they are spread out over 2000 products. I will tell you now that I do have all my products set to 20% royalties & sometimes higher amounts, depending on what I think is a fair price. This is unrelated, but I have heard rumours that if you have 20% royalty or above, Zazzle will not put your products on the front page or feature them in promotions. Since my products are featured in different sections of the website, have appeared on the front page and also in a Zazzle promotion, I can tell you this is only a rumour! Set your royalties to whatever you feel comfortable. If people like your design enough, they will buy them regardless of whether you set your royalties to 10% or 20%+.

Here is my infographic! (if it is too small you can click it to see the biggest one)

So there you have it, the progress of my shop over 6 months. What I have learned through this infographic.....

I have created A LOT of products, and so many of them have not sold! ;___; 
The downside of print on demand is that you have to create a lot of products before it starts working for you. This can take quite a long time, especially if you are making these items customizable with text and different elements. The important thing to remember is that once they are out there, they can be found by people. So share, share, share the items you have created!

On the bright side, the designs that have sold have gone to places I haven't even been before! Its so cool to know that someone on the other side of the world is enjoying my artwork.

What I wish I included was how many unique designs I have uploaded, and how many of those designs have sold this far. I will keep track of that for now on, and for my 1 year Zazzle infographic I will put that stat for sure. :)

I hope you found my infographic informative!  It is now time for me to get back into actual shop management mode and to add new designs.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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