Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Summer Collection: Watercolour Popsicle Pattern on Zazzle & Nuvango

Yes, it has once again dropped to cold temperatures here in Canada and I still don't have my winter tires off..... but I am SO READY for summer! So ready that I made a popsicle pattern, even though it is not yet an appropriate popsicle time for me yet. I actually made this pattern back in April when it was even less of popsicle weather! But I know it will be soon. :) I have so many ideas for summer patterns, and I will definitely be breaking out the watercolour paints to make these future patterns. Once this long, exhausting winter is finally over and we get real summer weather, I definitely won't want to be sitting inside all day on my computer. Until then, it is watercolour textures and digital vectors for me!

As for my popsicle pattern, it is everything fun and summery. It covers the traditional flavours of popsicle: Grape purple, Cherry red & Orange orange, while also having Lime green, Blue Raspberry & Banana yellow! I really hope I can find a popsicle box with all of those flavours. The popsicles are arranged into a line and surrounded by little confetti type circles. I drew the popsicles with vector shapes, and coloured them with some of my watercolour textures, giving this pattern a paper cut out feel. On Zazzle, this pattern features a clear background so you can change the colour to whatever you want! On Nuvango, I kept this pattern in the classic white background. Either way these popsicle summer products are bound to boost your excitement for the summer months and serve as some great summery accessories!

Here is my popsicle pattern on an all over tshirt from Nuvango! The all over print shirts are so fun. I really hope they make all over print tank tops too.

Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Uncommon Clearly™ Deflector iPhone 6 Case
One of my favourite cases... the uncommon case! This popsicle pattern looks best with a coloured background. I like this periwinkle blue, but I also tried it out in black, pink and shades of grey. All look fabulous!  

Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Uncommon Clearly™ Deflector iPhone 6 Case by TanyaDraws
Check out Popsicle iPhone Cases online at zazzle

I Love Summer Tasty Watercolour Popsicle Pattern
I realized this week that Zazzle added air fresheners so I got to making those a few days ago! Express your love for the summer months with an "I Love Summer" air freshener. Choose Tropical Breeze as your scent to finish off the summer love!

I Love Summer Tasty Watercolour Popsicle Pattern by TanyaDraws
View more Popsicle Air Fresheners at

Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Car Mat
I rarely add car mats to my shop, mainly because I forget that the category "other products" exists and half the time I can't even find it! This time I did though, and so glad it happened! Wouldn't these be great for summer road trips with friends?! These would be awesome for protecting your car floors from the sand that surely will be brought in to your car. I love how fun these are!

Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Car Mat by TanyaDraws
Find more Popsicle Sets of Car Mats at Zazzle

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