Sunday, 31 May 2015

May stats from Zazzle, Redbubble, Nuvango & Society6

Hello everyone! I am writing this blog post from beautiful New Brunswick, Canada, where I am on a much needed week long vacation. Its a rainy day, so this is a nice time to review what has happened this whole month in my shops! As you know I am tracking my growth on all my print on demand websites over time, and comparing them as a whole. Last month I had my best month so far.. and this month I surpassed it! I think this actually marks 6 months on Zazzle now, so I am very happy to be seeing growth over this amount of time. This month was a pretty exciting month! I was much more active over my social media streams and I did a lot of extra posting to my zazzle store. I was able to post real pictures of a skin I bought in Nuvango, resulting in lots of traffic & reblog from Nuvango on my tumblr. My "Cat to be kitten me" pillow that I bought my sister was used by Redbubble in a "Caturday" instagram contest, which resulted in a lot of traffic (609 likes, a RB sale & new followers & likes on my instagram page). Here is the breakdown for this month!

Society6 Shop

I am starting this post off with my society6 shop, because it is the one with the least to say. :P I haven't been doing much with this shop, I just have a few designs up there. I am not yet in the "marketplace" and that requires a lot of networking. I would rather focus on my other shops for now and start working on this one when my works are browsable through Society6 themselves.

Sales: None
Advertising/Sharing: None - just browsing society6 for now and attempting to break in to the artist community there.
Followers: 21 (5 more than last month)
Total Promotions: 22 (also 5 more than last month)

Nuvango Shop

My Nuvango shop currently has 30 designs on it, so I can only add more when I decide to disable another design from my gallery. Because I like my gallery so far, I am going to leave it as it is for now (unless I make something I think is really stellar, or if another design just isn't getting the same amount of traffic). I will be sharing different products over the next few months however, and staying up to date with other artists work!

Sales: 1
Advertising/Sharing: High amounts of sharing over polyvore and wanelo, some sharing over pinterest and a product review with pictures.
Followers: 32
Most liked design: Still my tri-colour geometric pattern (38 likes)!
My sold design this month... Tri colour fade iPhone 5s skin. :) 

Redbubble Shop

My redbubble shop was sort of depressing for a little while there. It was the second print on demand website I joined, yet my Nuvango shop consistently saw sales while this one stayed quiet. Now I am beginning to see sales, which is really nice. Redbubble has started to add more products along with a "tiling" option to the design process, so I might just update this shop more than I usually do.

Sales: 3
Advertising/Sharing: Small amount of sharing on Wanelo, promoting on instagram in response to RedBubble's instagram post featuring my cat to be kitten me pillow
Most Viewed Design: Glitter Tropical / Retro Pineapples: 1138 Views
Total Views: 12312 Views

My sold items on RedBubble this month:

I sold the pillow to someone else! For a while there, I thought my sister and I were the only people to find this funny. Since it was featured in RedBubbles caturday instagram post, I saw a few sales and noticed this design getting consistent views on my zazzle shop, as well.
Cat to be kitten me pouch, in a lovely light green. This is a new product on RedBubble and these pouches are so nice! I hope whoever bought this posts pictures, I would love to see how they look in person!

This is the second pineapple sticker I have sold on RedBubble. XD It is funny how this design doesn't get much attention on any of my other print on demand websites but is my most popular on RedBubble. This is why I love posting on multiple PODs... some designs appeal to a completely different audience!

Zazzle Shop

Last but not least, my Zazzle Shop! I saw lots of traffic to my shop this month as well as sales - this is my best month on zazzle. I said that last month too! ;) I am seeing a gradual increase of sales over time, which is really nice. Quick Create still is not working well, so I have been manually adding my designs to individual products. I still have not completely caught up adding all the designs I made in April and May, but I should be done by the middle of June. This month I contacted Zazzle about my W-8 BEN form. I FINALLY got a response... and it turns out I forgot to add my middle name to my payment settings, when I had added it to my form. You have to have your name EXACTLY matching on both. Soo I sent in my form again, and this time my payment settings also have my middle name. Lesson: Read everything very carefully or be prepared to wait 5 months + for your zazzle form to be completed.

Sales: 9
Advertising/Sharing: High amount of sharing on Wanelo (50+ items), semi-active amount of sharing on polyvore & pinterest
Page Views: 795
Most Viewed Design: Tropical Summertime Pineapple Fabric (320 Views now!)

My sales from this month:

Siamese Kitten Tote Bag
Siamese Kitten Tote Bag by TanyaDraws
Shop for other tote bags online at

Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Trivets
I just recently added this design, I sold two of these! :) 

Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Trivets by TanyaDraws
Look at Popsicle Trivets online at

In total I made 13 sales over all of my shops - my most in one month ever! :) Since this marks 6 months on Zazzle, I am going to make a month by month comparison of my sales very soon. These posts really encourage me to continue on, and I hope that the stats I provide help encourage others or will atleast make interesting month by month comparisons of the market.

Now, back to my holiday! Have a good week everyone.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Nuvango 3DS Skin Purchase Review!

A while back I posted about two patterns that I made specifically to turn into a 3ds skin! I was having trouble choosing, but I finally chose one and ordered my skin off of Nuvango! I chose my Retro Geometric Burst Pattern (click to see it in my Nuvango Shop). It arrived late Wednesday while I was out of town, and I applied it as soon as I got home the very next day. Gotta say, I am SO impressed. I don't know why it took me so long to get a 3ds skin!

First off, these skins sell for $20 USD ($16 with artists' discount). So after conversion to CAD, taxes & shipping, my order came to $26 CAD. Which isn't bad at all, considering the fact that some places charge me so much shipping that it literally doubles the price of my item. This was shipped from Toronto one day after I ordered it, which is close to where I live so I got it pretty quick too. However since it was coming from 50 minutes away from where I live, I expected to get it slightly faster (I honestly don't know why I expected that out of Canada Post) and panicked when I thought Canada Post might have lost my package... it wouldn't be the first time! But I emailed Nuvango and they responded quickly, saying to give 10 business days for shipping. I got my package that very day, which was day 8 of the given shipping range.

Pictures time! Here is what the skin looks like before I put it on my 3ds.
The skin covers both sides of the 3DS, and there is a little instructional diagram to help you put the skin on. 
They were all packaged neatly in a plastic lining. Along with the little instructional diagram, there is a step by step instruction sheet too, with helpful pointers such as making sure you remove the cheese puff finger prints from your device before applying the skin (I giggled xD).

A close up shot of the increasingly rare "Made in Canada" label!  Look at how clear the printing is too.
I should also talk about the colours and clarity of this skin. It printed out exactly as I wanted it to, the colours were close to my artwork on the screen, perhaps a bit darker, with extra contrast and vibrance in print.  The printing is very clear and crisp and the skin has a bit of a shine to it. The shine really makes this skin look like it belongs on my 3DS. Here is a comparison of my online preview vs a photo for colours sake:

I had low light so this is the best comparison I have. As you can see, my screen preview is slightly lighter in comparison. The end product matches so well with my dark purple 3DS!

So after examining my beautiful new 3DS skin and thoroughly cleaning my handheld of any fingerprints and dust, I decided it was time to actually apply the skin. This was the first time I applied a skin to anything, ever! I was so scared that I would mess it up... But it seems these skins were made for people like me. The instructions say to lightly place the skin and then press it in working from the middle out. Occasionally I would get a little bubble around the corners of the smaller pieces, and I would peel it off slightly and press it down again. Ideally I don't think you should peel the skin off, but it seemed to press in just fine like I had never touched it. For my first time applying a skin, I think I did a pretty good job. There are some tiny spots in small corners mainly where I just couldn't get the skin to go perfectly and I ended up with little pockets or folds,  so I just let those spots be. There was also a spot around the speakers where I had a bit of trouble getting the tiny cutout holes away from the skin. For small details like speaker holes I would recommend using a pencil or pen to press down the holes before peeling the skin from the paper. 

Now finally, here are some pictures of the end result! This skin just looks like part of my 3ds. I am so, so happy with how it turned out.

Doesn't it look just beautiful? I took these pictures with my early birthday present camera, btw. ;) 

The skin itself is incredibly durable. You can see in certain light and in my photos that there is a slight waffle texture underneath the skin. It is very tough and scratches don't show up on it. I ran my nail across it for testing sake, and you can't see any scratches. Other than that, it just feels nice. The texture of this skin feels nicer than the 3DS itself. There is a beautiful shine on the old style 3DS, but it unfortunately attracts fingerprints and looks quite messy, even if you clean it often like I did. I've played at least 5 hours (of story of seasons....) on my DS since applying this skin, and fingerprints are nonexistent (well, atleast I can't seem to see them, which is the good part!). Yay! 

Here is one last picture (Yeah, so I had a bit of fun with my camera): 
Let us take a moment to admire the crisp printing of this skin, and to shake our heads at my shoddy workmanship on that corner.

Overall this is an excellent product, I am so glad I chose to buy this skin for one of my most treasured devices. :) As a substitute to the interchangeable 3DS backings that Europe and the rest of the world gets, these Nuvango 3DS and 3DS XL skins are a great way for people living in the Americas to add some artistic flare and protection to their nintendo handhelds.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Travel Sets on Zazzle - Luggage tags & Wraps!

Summer is almost here, and I'm sure everyone already has their summer holidays lined up. I am taking mine a bit early. I leave on a road trip to New Brunswick next Friday with my boyfriend, his brother, and my sister. I am so excited to be travelling there, and even more excited to be able to shoot pictures with my "early birthday present"!! ;) My camera will be getting tons of use with all the beautiful scenery we will be surrounded with. We will be driving from the GTA Ontario through Quebec, stopping in Old Quebec City, and then driving through New Brunswick until we get to our cottage rental on the ocean near Shediac! It is so close to Nova Scotia and PEI, so we will be taking day trips to those beautiful provinces as well. If you have never been to the East Coast of Canada, I highly recommend it! Along with being one of the most gorgeous areas in Canada, it is home to some of the most friendly people I have ever met. It is just a really relaxing, laid back place to vacation... it is so worth the 15 hour drive! xD

So with vacations obviously on my mind, this post is for some of the travel items available in my zazzle shop! It has been a while since I posted about luggage tags, and there are even luggage wraps now! To really top off these matching designed items is a third travel item, the passport holder. Here are some of these items in my designs, in matching sets of three!

Purple and Fuchsia Jagged Geometric Burst Pattern Luggage Handle Wrap
Purple and Fuchsia Jagged Geometric Burst Pattern Luggage Handle Wrap by TanyaDraws
Check out other Tribal zigzag Luggage Handle Wraps at

Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Luggage Handle Wrap
Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Luggage Handle Wrap by TanyaDraws
Look at more Popsicle Luggage Handle Wraps at zazzle

Friday, 15 May 2015

Zazzle 30% off sale on fabrics, passport covers & other new collections!

There is a pretty nice sale going on over at Zazzle for some of their popular new collections! This deal will end in 5 days, so if you were looking for fabrics, phone cases, passport holders or any other newly added zazzle product, now is the time to get them at a good price :)

Use this code at checkout : NEWARRIVAL4U 

Out of the new items zazzle has added, my most popular has been the fabrics, the passport holders & the uncommon cases. Here are a few of my newer & popular items that are covered under this sale! These collections are fun & bright colours, perfect for the summer months! 

Purple and Fuchsia Jagged Geometric Burst Pattern Fabric
Remember the pattern I created for my 3ds? I decided I love it so much that I am going to add it to all of the products on zazzle! Naturally I put this trendy, purple geometric pattern on fabrics first. It works quite well! This is fun and girly, and would be great crafted as a dress or a scarf.

Purple and Fuchsia Jagged Geometric Burst Pattern Fabric by TanyaDraws
Find another Zazzle Fabric

Retro Green & Purple Jagged Geometric Pattern Fabric
My other bright geometric pattern. This one is very electric with a vintage feel! This fabric would be wonderful for accessory projects, such as drawstring backpacks, wristlets & scarves. It would make a great accent for black or white outfits!

Retro Green & Purple Jagged Geometric Pattern Fabric by TanyaDraws
Browse more Colourful zigzag Fabrics at Zazzle

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases
Zazzle added Samsung S6 cases to their collection! I added my tropical watercolour pineapple print with a white background to this case. It is a great accessory for those who want to take a little bit of the tropics with them. This case has a clear background, so you can change the colour to be whatever you want. It looks great in neon green, light sky blue, cream, orange and black!

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases by TanyaDraws
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Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases
Another fun summer samsung galaxy s6 case! This one is decorated with watercolour popsicles and dots.  It is great for younger owners of the samsung phone, and is super fun and colourful. Perfect for summer lovers and beach go-ers! 

Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases by TanyaDraws
Check out more Popsicle Casemate Cases at Zazzle

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Uncommon Clearly™ Deflector iPhone 6 Case
My pineapple print on neon green looks great on this uncommon clearly deflector iPhone 6 case!  It is girly, pretty, bold and also shiny. What a great statement piece! This would be a wonderful gift for a young adult or teenage girl.  

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Uncommon Clearly™ Deflector iPhone 6 Case by TanyaDraws
Browse for another iPhone 6 Case at Zazzle

Purple and Fuchsia Jagged Geometric Burst Pattern Passport Holder
A personalized passport holder on my purple trendy geometric pattern! This bright purple passport holder is decorated with a scalloped circle where you can add your name. 

Purple and Fuchsia Jagged Geometric Burst Pattern Passport Holder by TanyaDraws
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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Summer Collection: Watercolour Popsicle Pattern on Zazzle & Nuvango

Yes, it has once again dropped to cold temperatures here in Canada and I still don't have my winter tires off..... but I am SO READY for summer! So ready that I made a popsicle pattern, even though it is not yet an appropriate popsicle time for me yet. I actually made this pattern back in April when it was even less of popsicle weather! But I know it will be soon. :) I have so many ideas for summer patterns, and I will definitely be breaking out the watercolour paints to make these future patterns. Once this long, exhausting winter is finally over and we get real summer weather, I definitely won't want to be sitting inside all day on my computer. Until then, it is watercolour textures and digital vectors for me!

As for my popsicle pattern, it is everything fun and summery. It covers the traditional flavours of popsicle: Grape purple, Cherry red & Orange orange, while also having Lime green, Blue Raspberry & Banana yellow! I really hope I can find a popsicle box with all of those flavours. The popsicles are arranged into a line and surrounded by little confetti type circles. I drew the popsicles with vector shapes, and coloured them with some of my watercolour textures, giving this pattern a paper cut out feel. On Zazzle, this pattern features a clear background so you can change the colour to whatever you want! On Nuvango, I kept this pattern in the classic white background. Either way these popsicle summer products are bound to boost your excitement for the summer months and serve as some great summery accessories!

Here is my popsicle pattern on an all over tshirt from Nuvango! The all over print shirts are so fun. I really hope they make all over print tank tops too.

Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Uncommon Clearly™ Deflector iPhone 6 Case
One of my favourite cases... the uncommon case! This popsicle pattern looks best with a coloured background. I like this periwinkle blue, but I also tried it out in black, pink and shades of grey. All look fabulous!  

Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Uncommon Clearly™ Deflector iPhone 6 Case by TanyaDraws
Check out Popsicle iPhone Cases online at zazzle

I Love Summer Tasty Watercolour Popsicle Pattern
I realized this week that Zazzle added air fresheners so I got to making those a few days ago! Express your love for the summer months with an "I Love Summer" air freshener. Choose Tropical Breeze as your scent to finish off the summer love!

I Love Summer Tasty Watercolour Popsicle Pattern by TanyaDraws
View more Popsicle Air Fresheners at

Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Car Mat
I rarely add car mats to my shop, mainly because I forget that the category "other products" exists and half the time I can't even find it! This time I did though, and so glad it happened! Wouldn't these be great for summer road trips with friends?! These would be awesome for protecting your car floors from the sand that surely will be brought in to your car. I love how fun these are!

Tasty Summer Watercolour Popsicle Pattern Car Mat by TanyaDraws
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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Tropical Watercolour Pineapples on EVERYTHING! At Zazzle

This week is a major catch up week! I have so many designs that I haven't yet added to things on zazzle.. so I have been doing that, starting with my tropical watercolour pineapples print! I figured since this was such a popular fabric design that perhaps people would like to see it on accessories, cases, home decor and more craft items. So far I have made it through accessories & electronics, and am working my way towards home decor! I don't use quick create because it doesn't seem to work for me. To be honest, I can't for the life of me figure out how to make templates that actually work the way they are said to work. I used to use the default quick create template, back when I didn't realize I was only putting my design on a small selection of items! But, I do like going through the lists and picking and choosing which items look best with my design. It may be time consuming but it works!

As for this blog update, here are some of the items I have created on Zazzle the past two days.
A few things about this design: 
-This design is created with customization in mind, so it has a clear background. You can choose whatever colour you want! It looks great in neon colours, basic white and light pastels.
- Some of the products I have created have other elements to them, such as monograms, borders & ribbons. These elements are all removable if you like!
- It is hard to see from zazzle, but my pineapples are actually coloured with watercolour textures! It makes a mosaic effect of light and dark diamonds within the pineapple. They are outlined in a white stroke.

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Tag For Luggage
Here is a tropical luggage tag with a monogram front! This design is really light, with minimum contrast, so you can easily add your contact information to the back right on top of the design. I picked a bright, lime green for this luggage tag! Definitely a great accessory for those warm weather travellers. :)

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Tag For Luggage by TanyaDraws
See additional Luggage Tags online at

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Pack Of Small Button Covers
Did you know about this new item from Zazzle? It is button covers,  made by ALTR! What a great idea. Simply slip these over your existing buttons to give your outfit some artistic flare. They are available in small and large sizes. 

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Pack Of Small Button Covers by TanyaDraws
Check out other Retro Button Covers at

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Headphones
Headphones are another newer item sold at Zazzle that I am not sure if I have featured here before or not! I usually design these with only black and white designs, but I really liked this one! Adding art to headphones is such a neat idea. Its a great way to reflect your personality!

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Headphones by TanyaDraws
View other Retro Headphones at

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern iPad Mini Sleeves
I am still waiting for a sale on these iPad Mini Sleeves... I love them so much! Here is my pineapple pattern on a white background. Its very simple and clean! I added a green ribbon with a monogram so you can personalize this. 

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern iPad Mini Sleeves by TanyaDraws
Find other Retro iPad Sleeves at

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Uncommon Clearly™ Deflector iPhone 6 Case
Last but not least, this iPhone 6 case! It is clear so the apple logo shines through the design.  This iPhone case is everything tropical and tasty! This slim clear case would make a great accessory for protecting your iPhone at summer parties.

Tropical Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Uncommon Clearly™ Deflector iPhone 6 Case by TanyaDraws
Shop here for iPhone 6 Cases at Zazzle

Monday, 4 May 2015

April Stats from Zazzle, Redbubble, Nuvango & Society 6 + new Art of Where Shop

This past week was an extremely busy week, so my monthly stats blog post was delayed by a bit... but not forgotten! :) I am actually outside writing it right now, it is such a gorgeous day. And yes, being outside typing this means my laptop is not plugged in... I got a new battery! Woohoo! Now when I trip the cord, my laptop doesn't die! I really, really love having a working battery. Seriously. Buying that battery is probably one of the best things I have done for myself all year. As for my POD shops, April may have been my best month on zazzle, best or second best, which is fine by me either way. I have recently experienced some creation problems on zazzle, so productivity wasn't a big point for me this month. My patterns are just building up on my computer, waiting for me to have a day where I have tons of free time to work through those problems and just mass create.

Here are my Monthly stats for the month of April, 2015! 

Sales: No Sales
Advertising/Sharing: None, except I joined a great society6 group on Facebook at the end of March dedicated to showcasing and promoting work. I sometimes promote other peoples work, but have only linked to my work a few occasions. I recommend a group like this if you are heavily into society6! That way your work can be seen in the marketplace. 
Followers: 16
Total Promotions: 18
Most promoted item: Decorated hair Girl (13 promotes)

Decorated hair girl on iPhone case.... This is my most popular design ever since I started society6.
At 13 promotes, it is not in the marketplace yet, however.
My society6 shop is sort of my "neglected shop" at this point. It has been put on the back burner, but I occasionally add designs and as always, I'll continue to put my monthly stats here. 

Sales: No Sales
Advertising/Sharing: Small amount of sharing on Wanelo
Most Viewed Design: Glitter Tropical / Retro Pineapples: 1138 Views
Total Views: 11286 Views

Again, not doing much on Redbubble. I think my patterned designs don't do so well here, so I'm going to start adding art that would look best in sticker format. 

Sales: 1
Advertising/Sharing: High amount over pinterest, wanelo & Polyvore.  I joined a Nuvango group on Facebook dedicated to sharing your work and liking other peoples work. Its a great idea to do this, because the more likes & attention you get on Nuvango, the better chances of it being selected on a gallery.
Followers: 28
Most liked design: Tri Colour Geometric Design (34 likes)
Sold this month: Also, my Tri Colour Geometric Design... in Tshirt format!

This is the first shirt that I have sold since starting my POD journey!  Nuvango makes these awesome all over print tshirts. This style of tshirt works really well with my patterns!
I worked on my Nuvango shop a bit this month and I now have 30 designs. So the next time I make a design that I really love, I have to disable a different one from my shop. That is going to be challenging! As you all know by now, I love Nuvango for its simplicity, its products & product previews. I've made only three sales (one for each month I have been on the website), but I have good feelings about Nuvango for sure!

Okay guys, this was a really exciting month for my zazzle shop! After looking at my stats, April was my best month ever. I'm pretty sure my account has reached a pro seller amount of earnings now, the only problem is that my W 8-BEN form has not gone through so I can't actually process my earnings.  I've made 23 sales to date, my products have been featured all over zazzle & even in a fabric promotional blog post this month, and I even added a few designs! I am so excited that my shop is growing.. little by little, but each month has been better than the last!

Sales: 7 (same amount of items as February, but the earnings were larger and some of these purchases were multiples of the same item!)
Advertising/Sharing: High on Pinterest, Wanelo & Polyvore 
Page Views: 507 
Most Viewed Design: Tropical Pineapple Pattern with 277 views

My sales from this month:

Cute Kitten Face Pattern Pins
Cute Kitten Face Pattern Pins by TanyaDraws
Check out more Cute kitten Buttons at Zazzle

Slow Cooker Snail Apron
Slow Cooker Snail Apron by TanyaDraws
Design your own customizable aprons at

Tropical Summertime Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Fabric
This one was featured via a promotional blog post for Zazzle Fabrics. On top of being my most viewed design, I sold two of these!

Tropical Summertime Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Fabric by TanyaDraws
Look at Zazzle Fabrics

Now I did join another POD this month, called Art of Where. Click Here to see my shop. They don't seem to have any stats to track, which is a downside of it. They have a lovely selection of wearable items that are handmade in Montreal, Canada which impresses me a lot. Its so hard to find items that are made in Canada! Because of this, and the 25% commission artists make off of the POD shop, I really hope it turns out to be a website I can make sales from... although I have the feeling it gets low traffic. They seem to be primarily for wholesale and drop shipping, but I will add more designs and see where this takes me! If I make any sales (or no sales at all, like this month..) I will post here! 
Here is one of the items from my Art of Where shop, a body con dress in pinkish coral with black flowers! I wish there were different previews of the item to make it easier to share and gain traction on social media. There are also flare dresses, skirts, leggings & scarves here... beautiful selection!

Was April a good month for your POD shops?