Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March stats from Zazzle, Redbubble, Nuvango and Society6

Hi everyone! Its time for me to compare how I'm doing on each print on demand site I have signed up for. I haven't added quite as much to them as in the previous months,because I've been busy with other work outside of this. But the designs I have been making are stacking up, and I plan to add lots to my collection this April. Today I will be comparing my Zazzle store (4 months on zazzle), Redbubble shop (3 months on redbubble), Nuvango shop (2 months on Nuvango) and Society6 shop (just signed up this month!). Here are some stats from my print on demand journey in the month of March, 2015.

Society6 Shop

This month I added society6 to my collection of POD shops. It is a beautifully laid out print on demand website that is easy to work with, but requires a rather demanding amount of promoting which I haven't had the time to do. I only have 3 designs on Society6 so far, and have done a minimal amount of promoting. I did share a few things on wanelo, Facebook and polyvore, but not really enough to gain a lot of traction. Here are some of my noteworthy stats:

Sales: No Sales :(
Advertising/Sharing: low exposure, shared a bit on wanelo, Facebook and polyvore
Followers: 10
Total Promotions: 14
Most Promoted item: 11 promotions on my Decorated Hair Girl Print
My most promoted item in my favourite society6 item, the tote bag :)
Nuvango Shop

I continue to love Nuvango. It is so simple to add designs and the galleries look great. I did slightly more promoting on Nuvango this month, because the item previews look really awesome. I made a collection on Polyvore for the nuvango skins and phone cases, and my phone case designs are now on over 70 sets on Polyvore! I'm not sure if this will bring traffic to my shop, but hopefully it will eventually. Here are the main stats:

Sales this month: 1
Advertising/Sharing: High social media exposure on Polyvore, low on pinterest & wanelo
Followers: 9
Most Liked Design: 20 likes on my Tri Colour Geometric Fade design
Most Sold Design: Watercolour Leaf Design
My sold design on Nuvango was my watercolour leaves on iPhone 6 case. So far its the only design that I have sold, selling it in case and skin format!
RedBubble Shop

Nothing much happening with my redbubble shop. I haven't really updated my designs, I haven't done much promoting and I haven't made many sales. However, my redbubble shop continues to get constant views on the designs I do have. Here are my stats:

Sales this month: 1
Advertising/Sharing: Very little promoting, shared some pouches on wanelo and thats it
Most Viewed Design: Tropical Pineapple Glitter Pattern with 1076 views
Total Views: 9798

This is my sale from this month... Pineapple sticker! XD It is my first sale on Redbubble in the 3 months I have been on there lol. Maybe things will pick up soon? :)
Zazzle Shop

Last but not least, my zazzle shop! This marks my 4th month on zazzle. My sales were slightly slower than in February, but I still did make sales which made me happy. :P I'm going to be adding tons more to my zazzle shop this month, so keep an eye out for new designs!
Here are my stats from Zazzle.

Total Sales: 5
Advertising/Sharing: Medium across pinterest, wanelo & polyvore
Page views this month: 548
Most viewed design: St. Patricks day wrapping paper with 81 views

Here are my sales from this month:
Spring Floral & Leaves Digital Watercolor Pattern Custom Return Address Labels
My top selling design this month, in a bulk order of 5 pages, my watercolour floral design as a return address label! 

St Patricks Day Green Watercolour Shamrock Pattern Gift Wrap Paper
This shamrock wrapping paper was my best selling design last month. I sold two of them this month.

Pastel Watercolour Painted Easter Egg Pattern Tie
Sold one festive easter egg tie!

Green Watercolour Ink Drawn Turtle Pin
Sold this cute slow n' steady turtle pin.

And that rounds up my stats from this month! :) Thanks to my buyers and people promoting my work. I really appreciate it! 


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