Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy easter everyone... With Polyvore Easter Sets! :)

Easter Set

Hello everyone! Today I just wanted to wish you a happy easter. I hope you have a great day filled with family, friends, chocolate, easter bunnies & blessings! :)

My family always had the tradition of easter egg hunts really, really early on easter morning. My brother loved to wake us all up at like 6-7 am. The easter bunny ;) would hide chocolate eggs, and my brother, sister and I would look for them. Only, my cats would often find the eggs first and play with them! So we still found chocolate easter eggs, but some would go missing and we would find easter eggs like two months later, in the most random of places. :P

As you may know I am quite active on polyvore and I add some of my products there to be used in sets. Last month I added a bunch of designs with my easter egg watercolour print on them, and one phone case with the print became particularly popular, having been liked 78 times and used in sets over 50 times! All the sets were so amazing, and it looks like everyone had a lot of fun making them! It was hard to choose which ones to feature in my blog post today... so instead of choosing 3-4 I chose 5 of my favourites (plus my own cause I am also in the festive spirit)!

Enjoy all of these wonderful sets! To view them in Polyvore, just click the set. :)

Easter Sunday
Such a beautiful easter sunday set... I love this one! Perfect for easter celebrations,
 down to the matching nails. :) 

Happy Easter!
I love this dress with those shoes, it matches the phone case perfectly! Look
at those adorable easter nails! What a cute set.

Happy Easter!!!!
This set shares everything that is fun about easter.. which I love! The country look
with that pastel plaid shirt is so cute! 

Happy Easter Everyone
This set is super cute... I love the dress and those sandals are gorgeous! All the
accessories match perfectly. If it wasn't still 0 degrees and snowing outside,
I would be wearing this!! XD

Happy Easter
I'm so glad to see some pink! I really love this pink dress with the blue accents
in the phone case & the shoes. So cute!
Are those easter bunny pearl earrings?! What a great idea.

That rounds up my easter feature! I hope you enjoyed all these fabulous sets. Clicking the sets takes you straight back to polyvore, so you can like the sets or follow these members if you especially liked them! :)


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