Monday, 6 April 2015

Cute Chicks & Flowers Spring Design

I'm getting behind in my new line features! I have been on a serious design spree, and I want to get as much uploaded into my shop as possible before I have to go work this weekend long cheerleading event! It is at Niagara falls, which is pretty cool. My boyfriend and I always have a lot of fun at this competition because we can do what we want after hours. Usually we go to the casino and I spend $20 on slot machines and lose it all in like minutes.

But that is besides the point! The point of this post is to show off one of my new designs: my chicks & flowers spring design! I added this cute design that is great for children to just about all the zazzle products. It features a transparent background, so you can change the background colours to get different effects. This pattern is easily suited for both baby boys and girls just by changing the background. I especially think this pattern looks great on the home decor items... it would be great in a nursery! Anyways, here are some of my favourites out of the collection!

To view the whole collection, click here.

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Bib
Super cute chick bib! Change the background to pink or light creamy yellow for a girl, or a nice light blue or minty green for a boy! 

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Bib by TanyaDraws
Look at another baby bib online at

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Round Pouf
I don't think I have ever featured a pouf before! These are really cute for in a kids room. Easily add a name to the top or bottom of this pouf to make it a really cute personalized gift.

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Round Pouf by TanyaDraws
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Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Table Lamps
See how changing the background colour gives this pattern a completely different feel? I love this pattern with the violet background! It really looks great on this table lamp.

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Table Lamps by TanyaDraws
View another lamp at

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Cover For iPad Air
Dodo cases are so cute! I picked the coral outer casing to go with this one... but it also looks great in the turquoise blue. 

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Cover For iPad Air by TanyaDraws
Check out another case for the iPad Air online at

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