Sunday, 19 April 2015

3ds customized skins at Nuvango!

So today I decided that it is finally the day where I make the skin that will be on my 3ds! I have a beautiful purple 3ds that I take everywhere with me. I want to protect it so that it doesn't get scratched and stays pretty forever. The 3ds is also a very shiny device, so my fingerprints show on it really easily. With a nice patterned skin, those would be less visible. Nuvango has nice skins that can be peeled off without leaving residue, so I was excited to see they finally have placement customization for their skins. I always wanted to order one, but I really didn't know what the design would look like on the front and back. Now that that isn't holding me back, I got to designing a skin that would be nice with my 3ds.

This is the colour of my 3ds! The nuvango skins cover most of it, but if there are any
purple spots showing I wanted to make sure the skin I chose matches it.

So I made two new patterns today, with the purple of my 3ds in mind. One pattern was created specifically with purple and lime green, so I could carry on the tradition of my lime green handheld family (I had a lime green gameboy and a lime green ds lite. This is my first non green nintendo handheld, because it doesn't come in lime green!). I really liked how it turned out!

But then I decided to experiment a bit, and got a second pattern of beautiful, retro purple/fuchsia colours with off whites that I also really love. Now I can't choose!

Here is Pattern #1 (click the pictures to go to Nuvango, where you can click "edit the layout" to view different positioning of the pattern):

 And Pattern #2 (Same deal, click the pictures to go to Nuvango):

Did I mention how happy I was that you can position patterns on the items before buying them now at Nuvango? This process makes deciding to buy something so much easier!
As for the skins... I am really leaning towards #2 even though I made #1 specifically for the ds... what do you guys think? 

This pattern is on all nuvango products, and will soon be on my zazzle shop too! I have so much catching up to do.... yikes!

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