Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Product Feature: Zazzle Neoprene Laptop Sleeves

The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day out, so this is going to be a quick blog post! :) My awesome boyfriend bought me a DSLR camera as an "early bday present", so I am really excited to go out and use it! I have wanted to practice photography for so long, its been YEARS since the last photography class I had and I only really used an old SLR camera with film, so this will be a welcome new hobby! Who knows, maybe I will get some good enough shots to sell as prints.

For now, here is a product from Zazzle that I have never featured before. One accessory that everyone with a laptop has is a laptop case.... and these ones are decorated with beautiful designs and are fully customizable! Zazzle has a few laptop cases, but I like these ones because they are simple, durable and affordable. These cases come in 10", 13" and 15" to fit laptops of those respective sizes. They are made of water resistant Neoprene, are very slim and lightweight, and have a zipper enclosure. This sleeve would fit perfectly in a messenger bag or a large purse! Here are some of the sleeves I designed, available in my zazzle store.

Purple Watercolour Flower Tile Pattern Laptop Computer Sleeve
My purple tile design on one of the laptop cases. This is decorated with a faux stitched double belt with a monogram in a circle. You can change the monogram to the letter of your first name, or someone elses' to make a nice gift! This is a nice girly, spring design.

Purple Watercolour Flower Tile Pattern Laptop Computer Sleeve by TanyaDraws
Look at Purple flowers Laptop Sleeves online at Zazzle.com

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Laptop Sleeves
My cute chicks & flowers design on black! I think the black backgrounds look really great with this case because of the black accents with the zipper and the back.

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Laptop Sleeves by TanyaDraws
Find other Cute chicks Laptop Sleeves at zazzle.com

April Birth Flower - Watercolour Daisy Pattern Laptop Computer Sleeves
Watercolour daisies on black, with a yellow dotted belt & scalloped flower monogram! This is a nice girly design for those who have their birthdays in April, or people who love the classic look of daisies.

April Birth Flower - Watercolour Daisy Pattern Laptop Computer Sleeves by TanyaDraws
Check out Yellow daisies Laptop Sleeves online at zazzle

Pastel Sheep Laptop Case Laptop Sleeves
One of my first designs on zazzle ever- my polkadot sheep design! This is a cute laptop case that is great for a first laptop.

Pastel Sheep Laptop Case Laptop Sleeves by TanyaDraws
View another laptop sleeve at Zazzle

Sunday, 26 April 2015

See my Zazzle Watercolour Pineapple Fabric Print in Action!

So a few days ago I got an email from Zazzle's Liz saying that my Tropical Summertime Watercolour Pineapple Pattern Fabric was used in a promotion. They let certain bloggers choose from the wide selection of fabrics they have available in order to write a promotional blog post about the new fabrics from zazzle, and this fabric was one of the chosen. So I hopped on over to the blog where my pineapple print was featured, and I was so happy with what I saw!
The blogger, Lladybird, is an extremely talented seamstress who has a wide portfolio of handmade clothes. She chose my watercolour pineapple fabric and turned it into an amazingly cute dress!

This dress is not only the cutest but it HAS POCKETS! I love a dress with pockets. 
Click the dress picture to head on over to Lladybirds blog and see her full review of my pineapple pattern on Zazzle's Pima Cotton Fabric, and see all the little details of her dress. She takes so many pictures, and explains in detail about the sewing pattern she used as well as the fabric itself! It is amazing how much work and details went into this dress, from the pockets to the adorable cutout back. I am really glad she chose to create such a cute dress out of my fabric.
She is also hosting a contest on her blog right now where you can win a $75 zazzle gift certificate, so check that out as well!

Tropical Summertime Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Fabric
Here is the fabric itself. As you can see, I chose a more vibrant colour background to display than the one she chose to print. You can change the background to any colour, which is one of the best things about this design! The pineapples have a subtle, controlled colour palette, so you can really go wild with the background colour.

Tropical Summertime Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Fabric by TanyaDraws
See more Retro Fabrics

Since Lladybird's blog post, my Tropical Summertime Watercolour Pineapple Pattern Fabric has received 200 + views! Thats like, more views than my top three viewed items combined. :P 

Has anyone else created something with a Zazzle fabric before? I would love to see! Its fantastic seeing the designs come to life, and as an artist its also wonderful to see someone enjoying your work. :) 

Thanks to all my customers so far across my POD shops who have purchased my designs! I appreciate you all, and am so happy you enjoy my artwork!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

New design on Zazzle: Watercolour Daisies

A little late, seeing as I actually created this pattern weeks ago, but I finally updated my zazzle shop with it! It was time consuming, but I really like how it looks!

So April's birth month flower is the Daisy! The daisy is a flower that conveys innocence, loyal love and purity. I love daisies for their simplicity and their design. I opted for simple white daisies with an orange centre, as well as yellow daisies. These daisies were created digitally as vectors in illustrator, and then filled with a hand painted watercolour texture! I then arranged them into a timeless daisy pattern that has a clear background, so you can pick your own background colour. Try black for a pattern that looks really iconic, sky blue for a cute girly pattern, and white for a subtle print. It also looks nice in a dark pink if you want to go really girly. :) I've put this design on hundreds of zazzle products. I selected the black background for most of the products I made, because it is my personal favourite. It can be changed though. To see the full collection, click my Watercolour Daisies Banner!

April Birth Flower - Watercolour Daisy Pattern Dry-Erase Whiteboard
Daisy pattern dry erase board! I added a flower shaped scalloped border to create a nice writing space. This would be a great addition to a girls room or a student house kitchen!

April Birth Flower - Watercolour Daisy Pattern Dry-Erase Whiteboard by TanyaDraws
Shop for another Dry Erase Board online at Zazzle
April Birth Flower - Watercolour Daisy Pattern 3 Ring Binder
This is a binder that would be great as a photo album for special events.  You can change the front and spine text to say whatever you want. There is a small circle on the corner of the spine which would make sorting your albums really easy. 

April Birth Flower - Watercolour Daisy Pattern 3 Ring Binder by TanyaDraws
Create custom binders online.
April Birth Flower - Watercolour Daisy Pattern Travel Bag Tags
I love Zazzles luggage tags! This has a personalized monogram on it framed with a lovely scalloped frame. 

April Birth Flower - Watercolour Daisy Pattern Travel Bag Tags by TanyaDraws
View more Yellow daisies Luggage Tags at zazzle.com
April Birth Flower - Watercolour Daisy Pattern Barely There iPhone 6 Case
Monogrammed iphone 6 case! The monogram and frame can be personalized or removed. This case looks great with just the pattern too! 

April Birth Flower - Watercolour Daisy Pattern Barely There iPhone 6 Case by TanyaDraws
Look at other Yellow daisies Casemate Cases at zazzle.com
April Birth Flower - Watercolour Daisy Pattern iPad Mini Sleeves
This iPad mini sleeve is decorated with a personalized monogram on a yellow ribbon.  I love it with black, but the lining, trim and background can all be changed! 

April Birth Flower - Watercolour Daisy Pattern iPad Mini Sleeves by TanyaDraws
Browse more Yellow daisies iPad Sleeves

Sunday, 19 April 2015

3ds customized skins at Nuvango!

So today I decided that it is finally the day where I make the skin that will be on my 3ds! I have a beautiful purple 3ds that I take everywhere with me. I want to protect it so that it doesn't get scratched and stays pretty forever. The 3ds is also a very shiny device, so my fingerprints show on it really easily. With a nice patterned skin, those would be less visible. Nuvango has nice skins that can be peeled off without leaving residue, so I was excited to see they finally have placement customization for their skins. I always wanted to order one, but I really didn't know what the design would look like on the front and back. Now that that isn't holding me back, I got to designing a skin that would be nice with my 3ds.

This is the colour of my 3ds! The nuvango skins cover most of it, but if there are any
purple spots showing I wanted to make sure the skin I chose matches it.

So I made two new patterns today, with the purple of my 3ds in mind. One pattern was created specifically with purple and lime green, so I could carry on the tradition of my lime green handheld family (I had a lime green gameboy and a lime green ds lite. This is my first non green nintendo handheld, because it doesn't come in lime green!). I really liked how it turned out!

But then I decided to experiment a bit, and got a second pattern of beautiful, retro purple/fuchsia colours with off whites that I also really love. Now I can't choose!

Here is Pattern #1 (click the pictures to go to Nuvango, where you can click "edit the layout" to view different positioning of the pattern):

 And Pattern #2 (Same deal, click the pictures to go to Nuvango):

Did I mention how happy I was that you can position patterns on the items before buying them now at Nuvango? This process makes deciding to buy something so much easier!
As for the skins... I am really leaning towards #2 even though I made #1 specifically for the ds... what do you guys think? 

This pattern is on all nuvango products, and will soon be on my zazzle shop too! I have so much catching up to do.... yikes!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Zazzle Sew Good Contest: My Fabric Review

A week ago, I received my prize for being selected as a winner in Zazzle's sew good fabric challenge: my design on a fat quarter of zazzles combed cotton fabric!

Here is what the fabric looks like online vs in real life (sorry, my pictures aren't the greatest! I am using my iPhone camera XD) :
Spring Floral Watercolor Pattern Fabric
Find other Floral pattern Fabrics at zazzle.com

As you can see, my spring floral watercolour pattern has retained its colour very well on the printed fabric.  The grey is slightly darker, and closer to the "tile" preview option listed on Zazzle. The print is very clear as well- although going in really close to the centres of the flowers, some of the tiny details I had on my original print are slightly blurred- but not enough to really see unless you look at it very closely. My fabric came in a sealed plastic package and it was folded, so there are a few fold lines that I will need to wash out before I start my project. The fat quarter I received is enough fabric to make myself an iPad mini sleeve, as well as a 3ds sleeve to hold my device and games! 
Here is a picture of the full fat quarter, which is 28" wide and 18" long. 
One fat quarter is plenty for me to make my device sleeves! A fat quarter on zazzle sells for $11.95 CAD retail, which isn't a bad size for doing small projects like the ones I am doing, or if you are into quilting and wanted a bunch of fabrics!
This combed cotton fabric will be perfect for my devices. It has a very durable feel to it, despite being a rather lightweight fabric. It definitely is not a fabric that will tear easily! I haven't washed it yet, I am curious to see if it softens up in the wash. This fabric has less than 1% shrinkage, so washing it should be an easy process. It is recommended to wash it in cold water and tumble dry on low heat.

Overall, I am really happy with how my fabric turned out! I can't wait to use it. This is the first chance I have had to see what my designs look like printed from zazzle, and I am so glad to see that they print well! This definitely gives me the confidence to continue promoting my products & creating on zazzle. 

Here are some other close up pictures of my fabric! I'll post more pictures of my finished device cases whenever I get the chance to make those!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

New Zazzle Design: Cute Rottie & Bones Puppy Pattern!

Hello everyone! After a loooooooooong weekend of work, I am finally back! It feels like ages since I made a blog post. I have so many new and exciting things to share this week, such as new updates from nuvango (some that I am VERY excited about), a review of the zazzle fabric that I won and was finally delivered to me (I'll have this one ready by Thursday, full with plenty of pictures!!!), and of course, I have new designs piling up that I would like to add and share this week! I do have some sad news though. Well its not really news... it just makes me sad! My laptop has reached a whole new point of old. The battery no longer works, so I have to keep it plugged in at all times! If I ever accidentally disconnect it, I will lose all my work :( So I will have to be extra careful for now on! Maybe this year my zazzling journey will finish with me buying a new laptop.

Starting off my week of tons of backed up blog posts is my Rottweiler and Bones pattern feature! I actually posted this design on products from zazzle last week... I just never got around to featuring it here. Rottweilers are such adorable dogs, so I decided to make a pattern of cartoon rottie faces with bones. See those adorable eyes? Rotties know they are cute and they use those eyes to win over your food!! All the rottweilers I have known over the years are such sweethearts, and have amazingly goofy but adorable personalities. They are one of those dogs that have a bad rep, but if you are lucky enough to spend lots of time with a rottie you know that they are amazing and fun dogs to have around. So for my first doggy pattern ever, picking the ever cute rottie puppy was an easy choice!

I stuck with a really cartoon look to emphasize those puppy dog eyes, the famous rottie colouring and the goofy expressions. Here is this pattern in various zazzle products! :)

Cute Rottweiler Puppy & Bones Pattern
Well I couldn't make a doggy pattern without putting it on a dog bed, could I? ;) This dog bed is large, and allows you to add your dogs name to the corner. The background colour is perfectly customizable! I recommend darker colours, such as forest green, turquoise blue, and the tone of this red to disguise the doggy fur that will no doubt be all over this large comfy bed.

Cute Rottweiler Puppy & Bones Pattern by TanyaDraws
Check out more Zazzle Dog Beds

Cute Rottweiler Puppy & Bones Pattern Basic White Mug
For those who would love to share their love of rottweilers with everybody at work in the office, or for enjoying a nice cup of coffee with your rottweiler beside you at home.

Cute Rottweiler Puppy & Bones Pattern Basic White Mug by TanyaDraws
View more Puppy and bones pattern Mugs at zazzle.com

Cute Rottweiler Puppy & Bones Pattern MacBook Sleeves
A puppy love pattern macbook sleeve! Incase your colleagues and fellow classmates didn't already know you love your rottie, now they really do! The heart and "puppy love" are customizable and able to be removed from this pattern, if sharing your puppy love that boldly isn't your thing. The pattern is nice on its own on this laptop sleeve!

Cute Rottweiler Puppy & Bones Pattern MacBook Sleeves by TanyaDraws
View more MacBook sleeves.

Cute Rottweiler Puppy & Bones Pattern Backpacks
A drawstring backpack in the puppy pattern and a bright orange! This is a great little bag to store some extra treats, doggy poop bags, water bowl & ball in when you take your rottweiler out exploring with you, or to the park. 

Cute Rottweiler Puppy & Bones Pattern Backpacks by TanyaDraws
View Cinch bags online at Zazzle

Like this collection but want the pattern on an item not featured here? I probably have it designed already! Visit the whole Rottweiler & Bones collection Here.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Society6 Artist Promo: Free Shipping in my shop!

Hi guys, I only have three designs in my society6 shop so far, but they are nice ones... so I thought I would share some free shipping goodness with you!

http://society6.com/tanyalegere?promo=J7FF64KPBBRZ Click that link if you would like to get free shipping on any of the items in my shop. If there is a design that you would like free shipping on, but isn't in my shop, feel free to contact me and I will upload it for you! :)

Here are some examples of what you can find in my shop.

My first Design: Gorgeous pastel geometric pattern with a watercolour effect full design tote bag! Also available in phone cases, lovely throw pillows, clocks & more. Tote: $22
My 2nd society6 design: Earthy Daffodil Floral Throw Pillow! Available as shower curtains too! Pillow: $20
My third society6 design, available in prints, pillows, tote bags, iPhone cases, mugs and more! This is my most popular design. :) Print: $15.60

Monday, 6 April 2015

Cute Chicks & Flowers Spring Design

I'm getting behind in my new line features! I have been on a serious design spree, and I want to get as much uploaded into my shop as possible before I have to go work this weekend long cheerleading event! It is at Niagara falls, which is pretty cool. My boyfriend and I always have a lot of fun at this competition because we can do what we want after hours. Usually we go to the casino and I spend $20 on slot machines and lose it all in like minutes.

But that is besides the point! The point of this post is to show off one of my new designs: my chicks & flowers spring design! I added this cute design that is great for children to just about all the zazzle products. It features a transparent background, so you can change the background colours to get different effects. This pattern is easily suited for both baby boys and girls just by changing the background. I especially think this pattern looks great on the home decor items... it would be great in a nursery! Anyways, here are some of my favourites out of the collection!

To view the whole collection, click here.

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Bib
Super cute chick bib! Change the background to pink or light creamy yellow for a girl, or a nice light blue or minty green for a boy! 

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Bib by TanyaDraws
Look at another baby bib online at zazzle.com

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Round Pouf
I don't think I have ever featured a pouf before! These are really cute for in a kids room. Easily add a name to the top or bottom of this pouf to make it a really cute personalized gift.

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Round Pouf by TanyaDraws
Find another Zazzle Round Pouf

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Table Lamps
See how changing the background colour gives this pattern a completely different feel? I love this pattern with the violet background! It really looks great on this table lamp.

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Table Lamps by TanyaDraws
View another lamp at zazzle.com

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Cover For iPad Air
Dodo cases are so cute! I picked the coral outer casing to go with this one... but it also looks great in the turquoise blue. 

Cute Chicks & Flowers Pattern Cover For iPad Air by TanyaDraws
Check out another case for the iPad Air online at zazzle.com

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy easter everyone... With Polyvore Easter Sets! :)

Easter Set

Hello everyone! Today I just wanted to wish you a happy easter. I hope you have a great day filled with family, friends, chocolate, easter bunnies & blessings! :)

My family always had the tradition of easter egg hunts really, really early on easter morning. My brother loved to wake us all up at like 6-7 am. The easter bunny ;) would hide chocolate eggs, and my brother, sister and I would look for them. Only, my cats would often find the eggs first and play with them! So we still found chocolate easter eggs, but some would go missing and we would find easter eggs like two months later, in the most random of places. :P

As you may know I am quite active on polyvore and I add some of my products there to be used in sets. Last month I added a bunch of designs with my easter egg watercolour print on them, and one phone case with the print became particularly popular, having been liked 78 times and used in sets over 50 times! All the sets were so amazing, and it looks like everyone had a lot of fun making them! It was hard to choose which ones to feature in my blog post today... so instead of choosing 3-4 I chose 5 of my favourites (plus my own cause I am also in the festive spirit)!

Enjoy all of these wonderful sets! To view them in Polyvore, just click the set. :)

Easter Sunday
Such a beautiful easter sunday set... I love this one! Perfect for easter celebrations,
 down to the matching nails. :) 

Happy Easter!
I love this dress with those shoes, it matches the phone case perfectly! Look
at those adorable easter nails! What a cute set.

Happy Easter!!!!
This set shares everything that is fun about easter.. which I love! The country look
with that pastel plaid shirt is so cute! 

Happy Easter Everyone
This set is super cute... I love the dress and those sandals are gorgeous! All the
accessories match perfectly. If it wasn't still 0 degrees and snowing outside,
I would be wearing this!! XD

Happy Easter
I'm so glad to see some pink! I really love this pink dress with the blue accents
in the phone case & the shoes. So cute!
Are those easter bunny pearl earrings?! What a great idea.

That rounds up my easter feature! I hope you enjoyed all these fabulous sets. Clicking the sets takes you straight back to polyvore, so you can like the sets or follow these members if you especially liked them! :)