Friday, 6 March 2015

Watercolour Pineapple Print Collection: on Nuvango & Zazzle

My friend in British Columbia told me today that flowers are budding where he lives! And here I am, stuck in Ontario, with snow, snow, more snow, and freezing rain. The weather network has given me hope that it will be warming up soon.

In hopes that the weather man is not lying and it will indeed be warming up soon, I am featuring my Tropical watercolour pineapple print today! I created this design a while ago, but decided to spruce it up for my Nuvango shop. This design is one of my experiments with watercolours in a digital environment. I really love working in this technique, and I will definitely be producing more works like this in the future. The downside: each watercolour cutout is a digital mask, making a file so big that I can no longer open the original pineapple pattern on this laptop. Good thing I saved a single pineapple separately. ;) Along with the warm weather, I am hoping for a new laptop this year too. :P

Here are some fabulous products in this tropical pattern from my Zazzle and Nuvango shops!

Tropical Summertime Watercolor Pineapple Pattern Fabric
Tropical Pineapple Print fabric! This fabric is proving to be pretty popular on Zazzle. This fabric features a customizable background colour. I used this bright, minty, tropical greenish blue as a sort of risky colour choice... but I liked it so much that I created a pattern in similar colours for Nuvango! 

My pattern on iPhone 6 skin! The skins at Nuvango always look so nice. I love how bright and fresh these colours look, definitely tropical! This phone skin is becoming especially popular on Polyvore... its been used in sets over 10 times now! 

Tropical Pineapple print womens tshirt! Nuvango released shirts as part of their collection on February 10th. I love how they print your design on every part of the shirt. 
Skins for the DSi, 3ds, and 3ds XL on Nuvango. Nintendo fans living in America (like me) are upset that we don't get the cool new 3DS that Asia and Europe are getting that have interchangeable designed backings. I was happy to see Nuvango has a collection of skins for DS! Gelaskins are removable, protect your device from scratches, and make your DS beautiful. Shown in this preview is a DSi, because the 3ds and 3ds XL previews on Nuvango don't seem to show the interior skin. All the skins cover the interior and exterior of the DS. I will be making one for my 3DS soon enough! :) :) 

This is so cute! The wii u controller comes in all black by default. What a nice way to make it completely unique...  and protect it from scratches at the same time! Nuvango skins fit over the back and front of the devices. 

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