Thursday, 26 March 2015

Rickshaw iPad Mini Sleeves

Good morning everyone! It has been a while since I did an actual zazzle item feature, mainly because I have been pumping out new designs like no tomorrow! I also don't feel like making another wishful thinking spring post, because its actually freezing rain right now! Ick! So instead I am going to talk about my most wanted item from zazzle, the Rickshaw iPad Mini Sleeves! When I saw these sleeves, I knew this is what I need for my iPad. I haven't actually bought one yet, because shipping is so darn expensive... I'm waiting for a sleeves sale on zazzle to make this purchase worth it. I am currently working on making all my designs available in these, and I have most of them done already. Probably by the end of this week I will have them all up and ready!

The Rickshaw sleeve is the nicest personalized iPad sleeve I have seen so far. Along with being able to customize the design & background colour, you can change the lining and binding colour as well! You have about 15-20 colours to choose from for the binding and lining. These cases are slim and protective, being water resistant as well as very padded. These sleeves are made in California and are available for the iPad regular, the iPad mini, and the Macbook. I am going to be featuring the iPad mini ones today.

Here are some of my favourite ones from my shop! (okay, all the ones I picked are slightly spring themed. Clearly the fact that it is freezing rain outside doesn't take away my spring mood!)

Purple Watercolour Flower Tile Pattern iPad Mini Sleeves
My newest design! I love adding a faux stitched belt down the middle of these, with a stitched monogram in the centre to personalize. Those elements can be kept there or taken away in customize mode, as usual! I went with a really retro font for the monogram to match my 70s geometric pattern mood.

Yellow Watercolour Daffodil & Dots Pattern Sleeve For iPad Mini
My happy daffodils iPad sleeve with a beige faux ribbon & monogram! This one is just so bright and cheerful. To get a different effect with this design, try black binding & lining with a black background! 

Inked Girl Portrait with Patterned Gradient Hair iPad Mini Sleeve
Patterned hair girl iPad sleeve!This features the design on the front and back. A name can easily be added sideways down the left side of the iPad sleeve for personalization. This is the only non patterned case that I have!

Spring Floral & Leaves Digital Watercolor Pattern Sleeve For iPad Mini
This is the floral pattern that won in the sew good zazzle challenge for fabrics! It looks great in all colours. For this case, I opted for a simple white. I am getting this pattern delivered to me in fabric, and I am going to attempt to make an iPad case out of it. If that fails miserably, this is the case I am going to buy :)

Glitter Tropical Pineapple with Stripes and Dots Sleeve For iPad Mini
This one is my top favourite! I just love the colours and the pineapple design. Its so girly and just a little bit retro. Add a full name with the monogram faded behind it to personalize. As always, the faux belt and monogram can be removed in customize view! This case looks great both ways.

And thats it for today! It is no longer freezing rain btw, it is snowing gigantic snowballs.

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