Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Redbubble Art Pillow Purchase Review

Edit 22/09/17: I remade this pillow with a slightly different pun on RedBubble! "Mew've got to be kitten me right meow". I kept the same classic cat shaped design.

Kitten me right meow Redbubble Pillow

Click the pillow to see more details on redbubble pillows! This is what I purchased, and will be reviewing today.

A few weeks ago, I bought a present for my sister on Redbubble. She always says "You have cat to be kitten me right meow" so I made a pillow out of this saying for her birthday!
I chose to buy this pillow through redbubble over the rest of my print on demand websites for a few reasons. The first was the appealing price with the artists discount. Shipping was also considerably lower on redbubble, and the option to buy a pillow or a pillow case was also available. I had stuffing at home, so I opted for the 16" pillow case for less shipping. 

cat to be kitten me right meow pillow
It matches my sisters room very nicely! :)
I was really happy with how this pillow turned out! The printing of my design was clear and crisp. The background colour was a bit lighter than what I was expecting online, but not terribly so. It really goes well with the colour palette in her room. 

The pillow is polyester, so it is soft enough but still feels like polyester. It has a bit of a canvas feel to it, and is very thick and durable. I was able to stuff it without fear of it ripping. The zipper for this pillow case is really small and easy to conceal, which is nice. Something to consider before buying this pillow case is if you will be stuffing it yourself, or trying to fit an existing pillow in to it. I was hoping that I could use this as a case for an existing 16" pillow, but the zipper doesn't go the full length of the case, so the 16" pillow will not fit in it. If you are going to buy a pillow case from redbubble, be prepared to stuff this pillow yourself! 

Close Up Redbubble Pillow Picture
My iPhone can only go so close up before making pictures look blurry!
Here is a detail shot of what the printing looks like up close. Its very nice! I'm sure that artwork with really tiny details would look fabulous on these pillows. The black that I used for this design was very rich in print.
The design is also printed on both sides of this pillow.

Kitten Me right Meow Pillow

As for shipping, it took a decent amount of time. I ordered it on the 24th of February, and received it on the 17th of March, so roughly 3 weeks for shipping. The shipping costs were low too, which is nice. Another thing I liked was the fact that I did not get charged duties when this went over the border. 
Living in Canada where shipping is crazy expensive already sucks, but when you get charged that extra fee it makes things on the internet even less accessible for purchase. I'm happy to have found a website where I can order things with my art on it without worrying about my item being stuck at the border! 

My sister loves her new pillow, and she now wants a shirt with the same design on it. Maybe that will be soon! :)