Monday, 30 March 2015

Print on Demand Websites for Printing Artwork on Clothes

This March I have been especially interested in print on demand websites that print on a wide variety of wearable items, particularly dresses & sweaters. This blog post is dedicated to the POD websites I have been researching! I made up this info page as reference for myself at first, but hopefully it will also be useful for any artists out there looking to sell their artwork on products & clothes. I found three so far that look rather interesting, and I will be trying one of them out in April. If you know of any other Print on Demand websites that focus on a wide variety of clothes, let me know! I am always looking to add more to this list.

A few notes before reading this list: these are not ranked in any sort of preferencial order, other than the fact that I wrote one down before the other. This is an informational blog post rather than my personal opinion... That will come later on in the month! ^_^ Also, note that I only included websites that have the option to set up shop for free. Some of them do have added benefits to paid shops however.

1. CowCow
One of the websites I found in my search is a print on demand website called CowCow, which boasts 400+ products available for you to add your designs to. CowCow is based out of Hong Kong with all of its production done in China, which means lower prices but much longer shipping times. Some of the products that I was particularly interested in were bodycon dresses, skater dresses, pull over hoodies, bikinis and spaghetti strap tops.

At CowCow, you set your own commission, however the initial cost of the item depends on what sort of shop you have. There are three different types of shops you can get: one is a free, basic shop with standard item prices, the others are premium and VIP shops that are paid with lower base product prices. Premium account starts at $4.99 a month, whereas VIP starts at $9.99 a month. Compare the plans Here. Apparently CowCow only takes these payments if you make money from your shop. For example, if you made .99 cents, your payment for that month would be .99 cents. If you made $40 that month, your payment would be $4.99 or $9.99 withdrawn out of your store balance. They also have free 36 month trials for the Premium and VIP shops, by using codes PREMIUMFR36M and VIPFR36M respectively. I'm not sure what cancellation or switching shops is like with this website, but 36 months is a pretty long time to decide whether this print on demand website is working for you or not.

2. Print All Over Me
Print All Over Me, or PAOM, is a print on demand website that focuses mainly on clothes but also has fabric and home decor items to design. PAOM's design studio is based in New York, and their production is done just outside of Shanghai. PAOM gives artists 20% commission payable through paypal, or the option to turn those earnings into PAOM credit, giving you 40% rather than 20%.

PAOM has a free shop, however they also have a paid version with the benefit of choosing from a selection of premium items, the ability to set your own royalty, and a $15 gift card each month to purchase things from the website. It is $15 a month for this service, so you are pretty much buying your gift card every month while getting the extra shop perks.

When creating, you can differentiate between the premium items and the free for all items by the plus symbol that shows up on the corner of premium items.

3. Art of Where
The third Print on Demand website I found, Art of Where, has me a little more excited than the others. This POD has a selection of clothes, silk scarves, pencil cases, pillows & device cases to choose from. What really excites me about this one is that the company is not only based out of Montreal Quebec, they also hand sew the clothes & print the designs there, too. Seeing a company so entirely Canadian is rare nowadays, and I love it (but I promised just the facts, so I'm going to go back to the topic...)! If you are going to be setting up a shop with Art of Where, you get 25% commission on everything sold in your shop.

This is not the only way to sell with ArtofWhere, however. They also offer drop shipping, in particular for people with etsy shops or existing websites. Through drop shipping, you get their products for 40-60% off of the retail price. To view drop shipping prices, click here.

The final way to sell with Art of Where is wholesale. Again, they offer the prices for 40-60% off of the retail price through wholesale, with a minimum order of 6! This is a great little option if you are interested in selling your art products at shows & shops, or if you already know in advance that certain designs will sell.


Well, those are the ones I have in mind so far! The only thing that I found lacking in all three was the preview pictures. I'm sure the products are beautiful in person, but the mockups and preview pictures just aren't quite as nice as the other print on demand websites I have been on. It will make selling on these websites a challenge.. but one I am up for! ;)

Have you used any of the websites on this list? What is your favourite one to use?



  1. I have tried all of them. Cowcow - prints in China (the parent company is there cow cow just resell who make commission on their sales), delivery takes forever, quality like nobody cares, require to sign for package, which upset some customers. Plus they don't offer drop-shipping, so when customer receive the product for all they know - next time they will buy it from cowcow.
    Print all over me - greatly overpriced, especially for the quality of the products, no way anyone can make any profit printing through them, even printing for yourself I would consider rather expensive, example dress $280.
    Art of where - located in Canada, horrible customer service, hard to deal with. They don't accept returns. Processing time is very slow (not what they promise on the website. I used them for about a year, but after that I got tired to deal with upset customers who wait their item for over 3-4 weeks. Also pretty pricey, hard to sell with minimal profits, which are not worth to deal with all trouble.

    1. Art Lover, thanks for your comment - I've just recently looked all thre of those companies to do some printing on dresses, and now based on your review, I'm thinking yeah... maybe not.

      But I'm curious, did you (or anyone reading this) find a solution? I'm having a hell of a time trying to find a printer that can do print-on-demand dresses and skirts, can integrate with WooCommerce (don't want to switch to Shopify), and whose quality & customer service doesn't suck. I've been searching like crazy, to no avail.. Help! :-o

    2. Me too. I am desperately looking for a decent pod dress company. POAM and Art of Where were both horrible and overpriced. Cow Cow (also the cheaper version Arts Cow) were OK but the design feature is horrible. It's near impossible to get decent graphics on the dresses. Am waiting on an order from Forudesigns