Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Painted Easter Eggs Design

Last week I created this easter egg design! Since the malls and chocolate shops are fully stocked with easter stuff, I felt the need to draw painted easter eggs. I especially wanted to try it because of my new found love of watercolour textures! So I made some beautiful pastel coloured watercolour textures specifically for this design. This drawing was created with the same digital vector technique I used in my past watercolour drawings. It is more complex than the other ones I have done in the past, so I had to compress each egg so that I would be able to open my file again. The simple shapes and patterns on the egg mixed with the detailed watercolour texture makes each egg look more intricate than it was to make. I am happy with how it turned out, and am now craving chocolate. BRB as I run to the store to get some chocolate eggs. ;)

Here are my favourite items for this design!

Pastel Watercolour Painted Easter Egg Pattern Return Address Label
An easter egg label! The text is customizable. The return address labels from zazzle come in sheets of 30!

Pastel Watercolour Painted Easter Egg Pattern Small Gift Bag
An easter gift bag, that matches with the return address labels. I can imagine this  cute easter egg bag stuffed with chocolates. ;)

Pastel Watercolour Painted Easter Egg Pattern Wrapping Paper
Easter egg wrapping paper! Since my shamrock one was so successful, I decided that wrapping paper is not to be skipped. The background colour on this is customizable!

Pastel Watercolour Painted Easter Egg Pattern 45 Piece Assorted Chocolate Box
What is easter without chocolates? This box of chocolates is customized with easter decorations. Easily add a name to the front along with a greeting.

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