Monday, 23 March 2015

New Purple Watercolour Floral Pattern on Nuvango & Zazzle!

Yesterday while binge watching That 70s Show (the whole thing is on Canadian netflix now.. super exciting!) I found myself heavily influenced by those 70s textile patterns & wallpapers, and decided to make a floral tile of my own. I went with the simplistic, geometric florals rather than my hand drawn style because I wanted to focus on symmetry. I gave this pattern my favourite technique though... watercolour textures in digital vectors. :) The pale pinks and purple shades work really well together, adding to the simplicity of this pattern with a simple colour palette.

It also reminds me of easter, and spring.

Spring, which still isn't here. Did I mention it snowed yesterday?

Purple Watercolour Flower Tile Pattern Fabric
Here is my new pattern in Zazzle fabric! The flowers are alternated purple watercolour and white.  There are smaller circles to add a break in this traditional design. 

Laptop skin from my Nuvango gallery, available in mac and windows selections. 
Purple Watercolour Flower Tile Pattern Wood USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Pale purple floral wooden USB stick! I just love these. These personalized USB keys are a great way for wedding photography companies to share their digital photo packages with the bride and groom. Easily change the monogram on this USB key to whatever you like!

Purple Watercolour Flower Tile Pattern Makeup Bags
Purple watercolour floral makeup / accessory bag! It is completed with a faux lavender stitched belt fixed with a circle monogram with a retro style initial. As usual this one is fully personalized and makes a great pencil case!

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