Friday, 16 January 2015

Watercolour Heart Design: Stay at Home Valentines Gifts

Hello everyone, I have updated my zazzle shop and my redbubble shop on behalf of valentines day, which is in less than a month! While my boyfriend and I don't ever do anything special on valentines day, I do enjoy the festivities and the pretty packaging in the stores. I especially love the 50% off chocolates the day after valentines day. ;)
As you all know, I am very fond of my newfound watercolour effect... so I just had to decorate this hearts design with it! This was a really fun one. I changed the colours of the watercolour effect in photoshop to be just right, and then I made each heart its own unique shade of red and pink. I added this design to all products on redbubble, and most accessories, electronic cases & sleeves, and home decor items in zazzle.

I also decided to try polyvore out for displaying my images as collages, and i quite like it! I have put together a collage of some of my favourite stay at home valentines gifts from this collection.

Personalized Home Valentines Gifts

My favourite out of this collection is my "good morning" breakfast in bed tray... someone will be having a lovely start to their valentines day with this! If you aren't a fan of the black and pink breakfast tray, it is available in a natural wood colour, and you can change the background design to white or beige to match perfectly. All these gifts are picked for spending valentines day in with your loved one. As always, you can personalize these gifts to have a customized message or name on it.

I also have a comedic anti-valentines day collection and blog post coming up featuring my red watercolour heart.. so if you aren't a fan of all this lovey-dovey stuff, you might find my anti-valentines collection refreshing. :)

How do you like to spend your valentines day?


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