Monday, 19 January 2015

Valentines Day Survival Guide

If you feel like punching out heart covered teddy bears in stores
then this blog post might just be for you 
Valentines day is coming up fast! Already the store shelves are decorated in pink and red and flower shops are eagerly awaiting the day they get to bump up their prices.

But what about those who have a strong hatred for valentines day? You don't have to hate it, have a comedic valentines day survival party with your friends! Bake anti-valentines day message cookies, mix yummy anti-valentines day drinks, exchange cheesy kids valentines cards with your friends, play pin-the-tail-on-the-teddy-bear-from-stupid-jerk-face... the possibilities are endless! Here are some great anti-valentines day party ideas from around the internet. Enjoy! blog gives  some great valentines day and anti-valentines
day cocktails and mixed drinks, such as "cupids broken arrow" and
"valentines day on the rocks". 
Martha Stewart has an awesome conversation heart
cookie great for gifting to your friends. You can write
the regular lovey-dovey stuff, or you can stamp these
bad boys with anti-valentines messages, such as "No way"
"table 4 1" "not a chance" "U wish!"
Over at buzzfeed they have hilarious "villaintine" valentines
cards featuring disney villains.. absolutely great! Valentines
like these are way cooler than the regular kind
And what valentines day is complete without the conversation
hearts themselves? This year, have the candies but with a twist:
bittersweets, that come with the awesomely bitter messages
already on them!

Valentines Survival Kit

In celebration of the very possible anti-valentines day parties, here are some new "I survived valentines day" products from my shop, featuring one of my watercolour heart illustrations. These would be awesome in anti-valentines day party gift bags! Stuff gifts for your friends in the valentines day survival tote bag, or just take it grocery shopping with you to see how many smiles you get.

Now you are prepared to survive Valentines Day and maybe have a bit of fun too! ;)

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