Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Blues & Polyvore Collages

Today is one of those days where I'm just feeling blue, and I'm not really up for doing anything creative. So I opted for some social media time while starting to watch Elementary... which I quite like! It looks like a promising show, and will definitely entertain me on my social media marketing days. I recently joined Polyvore, and just joined Wanelo yesterday. I am still getting the hang of both but I am finding them very nice. I really like the ability to make collages in Polyvore, but I find it easier to find and post items in wanelo, so I am using them both in conjunction. I post my products to both polyvore and wanelo, and then clip products I like from wanelo into polyvore to make my collages. I think these websites are a great way to get your products out there, in addition to pinterest.

I was reading up on wanelo in particular, one tip I read was that you should always look at what is "trending" and post items that are similar to the ones trending, using similar hashtags. As usual, using hashtags never hurts (might be really noob advice to those of you who already use wanelo... but to me its so new!).

So I didn't make any new products today, but later on in the week I will add my cute cat faces design to more products, and maybe even design something new.... who knows. But for now, here is a Polyvore collage I created, the theme being... you guessed it, the blues. They are cheery blues at least, featuring my hydrangea accessories to go with a cute blue dress. I am actually surprised that I put together something classy and fancy in a sad mood like this, considering in real life I go straight for the sweatpants and oversized sweater.

The blues

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