Saturday, 3 January 2015

Redbubble shop open!

Hi guys! A couple of days ago I opened up a redbubble account, and would like to share some of the stuff on it with you! It seems they have a pretty wide variety of items. My fave so far is the option for duvet covers and stickers. What I don't particularly like about redbubble is that they do not have the option to "tile" your image... so if you have a repeatable pattern, you literally have to tile it in photoshop or illustrator, save a HUGE file and then you can fit it on everything. My computer is older and can't handle giant files like that, so when I make duvet covers the design really only fits on a twin or queen, not a king. Which is okay by me, because my designs are aimed more at children rather than adults.

Here are some of the products though,  let me know what you think!
Here is my sheep and hearts pattern in a twin size duvet cover!  I think it is pretty cute. I would make more duvet covers if the option to tile the picture was there!
One of the things I like about redbubble is their stickers. The stickers are cutout which is nice!

Penguins in Scarves Pattern... looks great on a blue background, but you can change the background to be any colour!
One thing I just found out... sharing from redbubble to blogger is rather hard. I had to screenshot my products and then manually link them. I guess I will have to get used to it :P 

Does anyone else use both redbubble and zazzle? Which one do you prefer and why?


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