Monday, 26 January 2015

Mustard Yellow & New Projects

Hello, hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I spent mine watching a lot of movies and not doing anything productive at all! :) Sometimes its nice to take a nice break away from all the things you have been working on, in addition to work itself. I did miss a few daily drawing posts, but I will catch up on that eventually. While I wasn't doing very much creative stuff this weekend, I did do a little research on adobe illustrator and I have a few projects that I want to try!

In the spirit of my newfound urge to use glitter in my designs, I decided I am going to try to create my own glitter rather than using glitter photos. Here is the TutsPlus tutorial I am going to use! I'm always excited about learning a new effect in illustrator. ;) 

Last week I started playing around with polyvore and wanelo, and both are very useful for posting my products! Already I have seen an increase in views on the items that I have posted there, and they are both so easy to use. They may replace pinterest as my go to product viewing and posting websites. I am especially loving polyvore, making sets and collections is really fun and it allows me to create outfits without actually shopping! :) I mix some of the items from my shop into my sets to show how they can work in an outfit while focusing on the set itself. Here is my latest set, featuring some of my snails illustration designs in a mustard yellow outfit theme! I just love colour themed sets.

For the love of Mustard Yellow

And finally to end this monday post, here is a preview of the sort of projects I want to work on this week. I created this glitter tribal print pillow which is perfectly glamorous and rich in colour. I plan on making more glitter patterns like this all week, be prepared!

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