Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Illustration Friday: Toy

I used to do drawings every week for Illustration Friday's picks. If you are an artist looking to keep creative, illustration friday picks a new topic every week and many artists submit their weekly drawing. I decided to hop back on board when I saw that this weeks topic was Toy! I thought about drawing stuffed animals or my 3ds, which is my favourite toy of all...... but when I opened up my new illustrator document I just knew I needed to do a marble study.

I have a lovely collection of real glass marbles from when my mom was a child, and I loved playing with them when I was a kid. Now I didn't play them the traditional way, in fact I never even knew there was a game! My brother and I made up our own game, we used to roll or flick them down my pool table to knock over different pokemon clay figures I made. The person who had the most pokemon at the end won! XD

The marbles are so beautiful and every one is unique, which is why I loved them so much as a child. As I am trying to improve my adobe illustrator skills, I decided that drawing glass marbles would be a good way to familiarize myself with shadows and highlights with layers. I paired my marbles with jacks (another toy that I didn't properly know how to use.... ) and together they make a nice study.

I guess these marbles are "cats eye" marbles. I knew there were different patterns, but I didn't know they each had their own names, and I didn't know just how many types of marbles there were!

I chose modern and bright colours for these marbles, rather than
the light glass traditional marble colours. They were fun to make!
I am not sure if I like the jacks in there, but I will keep them for
Other than that, here are some shop and zazzle updates! Zazzle is having a 33% off sale, code GOSEMIANNUAL! I added my cute kitten faces design to all the rest of the products that I liked it on. Check out my cute kitten face and heart "cat lovers" items! They say things like "meow" "I love cats" and "cat lover". Here is the design in a mug and in refrigerator magnets. Have a happy Wednesday!

I love cats cute kitten mug

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