Friday, 9 January 2015

Having Multiple POD shops is a good thing

Hello everyone, aren't you glad its Friday? :) This morning after I had made myself some tea, I sat down to do my daily social media and checking my shops routine.

As I was looking at my redbubble shop, I noticed I have quite a few views on my work. It seems to be much more than my zazzle shop,  and I have only had this shop for two weeks. I use the same tags and descriptions for all my designs, and the designs look pretty much the same. The only thing that is done differently is the redbubble "groups", which I have utilized for every single one of my designs. But then again, there is also the "show me" forum on zazzle, which I use frequently.

Then I realized that the reason why it seems like a lot of views is that redbubble groups views are sorted by design rather than individual projects. Unless I were to add google analytics to every single one of my categories in zazzle, or added up views on items in each category individually, it would be really hard to tell how many views I have gotten on that one design.

... So I manually added up views for my zazzle "Owls" collection, cause, you know, I was curious. XD

Redbubble Owls: 103 Views
Zazzle Owls: 70 Views

So, in the two weeks I have had my redbubble account, it has somehow gotten more traffic with less social media exposure and less time put in.

Browsing in redbubble is quite easy, and my products show up in great spots in the search results. For example, my most viewed collection is my "Beautiful and Colourful Carnations" (Yes... that name... XD). I searched one of my tags "Mothers Day Flower", and if I refine it to "digital art" I show up on page 3 of the "best sellers" and page 1, first row of recently added. Even my tag "beautiful Carnations" shows up really easily. To get my carnations to show up on the "newest" or "popular search on zazzle with the same tags, I have to narrow it down quite a bit, for example products "for her", and then I chose "accessories" (which has my products and least amount of items), where my carnations still show up in newest. If I wanted to see my design on the first page of popular in this section, I have to get really super specific, and choose "luggage tags". Then my designs show up on the first page.

Now I still prefer Zazzle for creation and fun purposes. But if I am getting more traffic to my redbubble account, why not utilize it too? Maybe I am filling some sort of niche there that is just already overdone in zazzle. This is quite encouraging. I have been putting off setting up a society6 and designbyhumans store, but after seeing the results of my redbubble account after two weeks I will aim to build those ones up next, maybe in February I will launch designbyhumans and in March society6. I am just curious to see what will happen on those ones.

Right now, my focus isn't sales, because I don't really expect any yet. I just really want to gain some good exposure, encourage myself to keep designing, and to find out what designs work and which don't. See, this is my inner nerdy librarian coming out. :) I can't just post stuff and wait to see what happens, I need to research it extensively and then when it works or doesn't work I need to know WHY. XD

I hope that my curious ramblings provide useful insight to others trying to learn the POD world like I am! :)

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