Saturday, 17 January 2015

Grey and Yellow Kitten Pattern Gifts, redbubble sale

Grey and Yellow tabby cats, can you resist these adorable kitten eyes?
The other day I drew a cute, simple kitten in illustrator for one of my daily drawings. I just really felt like I needed something really, really cute, and I wanted to go for a more cartoony style than I usually draw. Sometimes its refreshing to draw in completely different ways and try new things. A simplistic vector without any special effects, completely done in illustrator (rather than pen and scanning it) was what I set out to do and I am happy with the results! I arranged the kitten into a grey and yellow kitty pattern, and then I added it to redbubble and zazzle to a few products! I might alter the colours and use this as a template to make a kitten series for all types of cats. Because I do quite love cats! ;)

I also got an email that redbubble is having a 15% off sale! Just use the code TWENTY15 upon checkout to receive your discount. Redbubble is great if you are in the market for some die cut stickers or duvet covers, they are really nice.

Tabby Kitten Pattern iPhone 6 case!
Everyone needs a cute kitten phone case atleast once ;)
 I love redbubbles stickers! Here are my kitten faces in grey and yellow. 
They are cut out around the design which is wonderful! You can stick
this pair of cat heads anywhere that needs a little bit of cuteness.

Tabby Kitten duvet cover, available in twin, queen and king sizes!
There are pillows to match.These soft colours look great in a kids room.
As for zazzle, I have added this design to the poufs, fuzzy slippers, a pillow & fleece blanket! The warm, comfy stuff, great for the remaining duration of winter :)

Cute Kitten Face Pattern Pair Of Fuzzy Slippers
Fuzzy Slippers

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