Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Blue Hydrangea Pattern

Earlier today I posted some of my customizable cases, and some of them featured my blue hydrangea pattern. Since I am creating patterns like crazy lately, I am going to tell you about this design before it is left in the dust!

As you may know, I have been on a flower creation spree. I find that creating flowers digitally in illustrator is really helping me learn the program better, so much that illustrator has replaced photoshop as my digital art tool. I plan on designing products for each birth month's flower. I started with Carnations, January's birth flower, and in February I will design violets.

For this hydrangea pattern in particular, i went a little different than what they usually look like. I maintained the lovely gradient of colour that these flowers usually have, but I changed the display of them from the bunch, to just single separate flowers for design purposes. It makes them less recognizable as hydrangeas, but works better as a designed pattern. I also have the option of turning these into bunches of hydrangeas in the future, which I will do. :)

If anyone else wants to feel the satisfaction of creating beautiful flowers in adobe illustrator, here is a tutorial that demonstrates steps to creating beautiful flowers.
Click the flower to get to the tutorial! Tutsplus has many wonderful free tutorials that are amazing to use for learning digital art. Some of the tutorials on this website were even used by my college professors!
Back to my pattern, here it is! These tiny hydrangeas are coloured in light violet and blues. Its a very sophisticated and feminine pattern, and looks great on most of the zazzle products.

Tiny Blue Hydrangea Pillow
This personalized pillow is one of my favourites created with this pattern...  it is also one of my first personalize-able pillows!

Tiny Blue Hydrangea Pillow by TanyaDraws
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Tiny Blue Hydrangea Pattern Tag For Luggage
The luggage tags seem to look awesome no matter what. Great product from Zazzle. 

Tiny Blue Hydrangea Pattern Tag For Luggage by TanyaDraws
Browse other Bag Tags at

Tiny Blue Hydrangea Pattern Makeup Bags
Personalized make up bags make great gifts for girls birthdays.

Tiny Blue Hydrangea Pattern Makeup Bags by TanyaDraws
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Tiny Blue Hydrangea Pattern Dinner Plate
Valentines Day alert! Customizable couple plates make a great valentines gift to display in your home.

Tiny Blue Hydrangea Pattern Dinner Plate by TanyaDraws
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Tiny Blue Hydrangea Pattern Mugs
A simple yet beautiful personalized mug.

Tiny Blue Hydrangea Pattern Mugs by TanyaDraws
Customize your own coffee mug at

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