Friday, 19 December 2014

My progress so far!

Hello, welcome to my blog! I opened my Zazzle shop officially on December 8th, 2014. So far its going great! I am having so much fun building my shop. As of today, I have created a total of 344 items, 14 unique illustrations (yes, I went pretty darn crazy xD!).  So far what I like about zazzle is the selection of items, and the customization. Customers are able to customize my designs with their own text, which is great. The item selection is wonderful, I end up putting my designs on things I wouldn't even have thought of. An example is my recently sold Owl Luggage Tag, shown below. Who knew luggage tags were such a hot item? I created this my first week on zazzle!
Owl Luggage Tag
First item sold! Thankyou <3

Owl Luggage Tag by TanyaDraws
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As for this week,  I focused on floral designs! These pillows are my fave from this week. I'll post more products by design soon! :)
Illustrated Flowers & Laurel Leaves Pillows
Illustrated Flowers & Laurel Leaves Pillows by TanyaDraws
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